I Ish Aussie!!

So yesterday I finally, after 14 years and a shitload of money got my permanent residency in Australia. For me, so many chapters closed with one phonecall. Of course much celebrating ensued, I had my online celebration last night, my rl one will be at the weekend when all of my friends and family can be wrangled into one house at the same time!!! This morning I feel a wee bit fragile. I am a cheap drunk lol! So I thought what better to do today than casual, comfy clothes? This first one is similar to something I would wear in rl. It’s the lovely textures that make this for me, and the wearable colour combos. The top is from Last Call, the cords from Celestial. Matches perfectly with my fave cuff from Kurotsubaki, I know, any excuse to wear it!! The next is a wardrobe staple. Beautifully cut jeans and a gorgeous sweater. Jeans are hard, but once you find that perfect pair……..ooh it’s heaven! The details on this sweater are again what make it for me, the buttons on the back are a super cute touch. Jeans from T.A.R.T , sweater from Mojo. Lastly, something I would wear to have lunch with the girls. A touch more glam, but still comfortable! Also by this point sl has broken my hair……..pft. It’s enough to make me emo. Shirt from T.A.R.T, jeans from Rahz


I love Canimal! I love her clothes, I love her diversity, I love her talent. Where else can you be a gothic doll, skater punk, rock chick, or lingerie queen all in one store? This one place I come back to time and time again. The only limit is my imagination! I love her tattoos as well as the clothes. Some of the best colour tattoos on the grid IMO. From cute to broken……I have so many favorites!! I have spent a small fortune here, and no doubt will spend more! She makes me jump for joy!



WATCH CUFF-Kurotsubaki

Ken And Ash Flash The W

Hats and dress ups. Two of our loves! Having a club means we get to play dress ups all week, and I will find any excuse to wear a fedora. I love a bit of a “hark back”, forties and fifties clothes…glamour all the way. Following the theme of Kenlee’s post yesterday, this is my take on Dick Tracy. When I told Ken what I wanted to do, her first response was “omg you’re not gonna wear a yellow trench coat………….are you?” hehehe oh yee of little faith! Whenever we have a goth night at our club, I wear this made of awesome leather coat from Liberte. I have had it in my head for ages to wear it differently, to do it more justice. The rest just flowed.

Ash Wears:


SHIRT-Kyoot Army

PANTS-Silent Sparrow


Kenlee wears:

Dress-DE Designs

Shoes-LC Vamp (now Jaywalk)

Pinup Dolled

Oy… I’m not as prolific as Ash, obviously, considering she’s posted, like, 20 of these things, and I’ve done just the one. However, I do have a new outfit for you!

The other day, my delicious SL hubby and I were flouncing around Armidi when we went into this one area, and suddenly, he just stopped and said: “Baby, you have to get that.”

I, of course, was all: “Dude, which one?” And he said: “The ones that looks like a throwback to the pinup era. You have to get that.”

Pinup is right! Hence my pose. XD

This pinup girl-esque outfit makes my normally proportionate legs look a mile long, and how hot is that? But what really gets me is the details, like the sculpty prim sleeeves and collar or just the overall awesome texturing.

Dude… Ruffles. It’s an Armidi kind of day.

Skin – Ashia Designs, custom
Hair – Armidi, Abigail in Honey
Necklace – Muse,
Elle Orchid Necklace in Ivory
Shirt & Shorts
Armidi Gisaci, Dans la Ville in Black with White
Shoes – Maitreya, Chichi pumps in Black

Take Me Hya (higher)

This morning I was in Silent Sparrow looking for a skirt, a big poofy skirt! Kenlee introduced me to the amazing clothes there on Halloween last year. I wanted to go as a dead bride, a bloody corpse!! She said she had found the perfect outfit for me. Of course she was right! And so began my love afair with Hyasynth Tiramisu’s amazing designs. So while I was shopping there was a group message saying that the votes for the MFA Awards. Of course group IM went crazy wishing her luck. The first time I met Hyasynth was on one of her hunts. I arrived too late for the first round, so I figured I’d hang around the lucky chair to see if my letter came up. I could see Hya on my Mysti, but didn’t think anything of it. The chair had ages till it changed so I started sorting my inv. Then, the letter changed to a question mark!! I looked around, there seemed to be no-one else there and Hya had poofed. She had changed the letter for me!! Bless her heart. I thanked her via IM, then proceeded to drop 1000’s on awesome clothes! I put together a couple of my favorites for you guys and to say good luck Hya, I think you may win!The illusionistBlood Corset With Sweeny Pants
Sweeny Pants, Bird On A Wire Waist Cincher, Last Call Shirt
White Wedding?Blood Corset, Sweeny Pants


Mermaid Adventures

Today actualy started with a quest for hair!! Funny how I ended up as a mermaid ,posing under the water! Thats a fine example of what I love love love about Second Life (tm pft). So anyhoo, I was at Amorepacific looking for hair. I also found an amazing purple clam shell bed for the outrageous price of 0!!!

Aww taking a mermaid rest after all the running………er swimming round the grid! I found some lovely places to take pictures and it also gave me a chance to fiddle with the windlight settings.

I think I used Funky Funky Funky for the pic above.
And Sailor’s Delight for this one. I love the purple……..yum! The coral just seems to glow.

MERMAID OUTFIT AND AO-Malaika Mermaids Aquatique
Thankies to Creamface Coolbum for the landmark ;)

Ashia Goes To Hollywood

This morning I saw a store called Hexed on the feed. I couldn’t quite believe there was a store on the grid I hadn’t been to. I was very happy when I got there let me tell you!! I’m on the quest for the perfect skirt. My criteria maybe a tad different from other people’s. It has to be quite grungy, I have to be able to wear chunky boots with it, and it has to be larger than the size of a postage stamp!! The skirt I found at hexed is sodding awesome! It’s the little details that make it special for me. The double belt, the wee dangly cross, the amazing texture. I know I could wear it with a tank or a corset and it would look just as awesomes. I chose ott accessories to match the 80’s tank, I love the contrast!!!


TANK-Devilish Cupcakes

NECKLACE-Kiki’s Closet

CUFFS-Primitive Design

BOOTS-Shiny Things

SMOKE-Foxy’s Smoke Shop

Accessories Dahling

The love of my Second life (TM) would have to be the chokers from Kiki’s Closet. I saw last night there was new stuffs, so of course I had to buy!! Also, my favorite necklace is from Catnip, Akasha gave it to Kenlee, who then gave it to me cos I had coveted it every time we went to the store! It’s called Regret and is made from wonderfully detailed razor blades! My latest must have is an old love come back to haunt me!! My animated ciggies from Foxy’s Smoke Shop. Without doubt, the best animated smokes on the grid. Last year they never left my hand/mouth! I recently came back to them, when going through my inv looking for a cigarette holder.Last but not least, this awesomes voodoo doll belt from Kyoot. Perfect for extracting quiet revenge!!!

Doncha Hate It When………

Doncha hate it when your fave store has a sale…………….after you already own most of their stuff!! Here’s some shots I took in Kyoot clothes a few months ago………some of which got my Flickr account censored!!! One picture I loved so much it became my Subscribo image! WARNING-BOOBAGE AHEAD!!!!!

The Fanciest Fairy Of Them All

I don’t care that wings are all over the feed atm!! This blog is not part of the feed (not for the lack of trying mind you) so bugger it!!!! Wings it is. With a story too. While looking into Wingfling, I decided to pay the Fancy Fairy mainstore a visit. The outfits I used for the wingfling post were from Fancy Fairy, and being unable to resist her Tendril wings at the fair, I wanted to see what more the mainstore had. Well once again, Violaine Villota outdid herself on the generosity scale. There was stunning free lingerie, wings and a skin. I love Violaine’s lingerie so I was hella excited! I sent her a card thanking her, because hell, we all like to hear thanks every now and again. Well, after getting back from RL work today, I was amazed to log in to find Violaine had sent me a gift. DUDE!! A gush is deserving in this case, this chick does amazing work, she is professional and generous to a fault. Plus she designs the same stuff RL that she does in SL………which means you are getting some serious expertise when you buy her clothes/wings/stuffs! If you love playing dress ups, check this site out Fancy Fairy website, you’ll be glad you did.

WINGS-Fancy Fairy

LINGERIE-Chic Boutique

WINGS-Fancy Fairy

LINGERIE-Giz’s Gizmo


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