Hold me Closer Tony Danza………………

So I went to Archange last night. I’m afraid to say nothing really grabbed me. Maybe I was tired, I’m not sure, but I kept waiting for an outfit to jump out and yell “BUY ME………BUY ME NOW” it just never happened. I purchased one outfit, mainly for the diff layer combos of the jacket and shirt. I tried the pants on today, they just don’t work with my av. I look forward to seeing more stuffs from Archange in the future, something more “Ash”!! Anyhoo, I paired the lovely shirt and vest with my absolute all time favorite pants, which also happen to be free!! Can’t be bad! Also, another cuff watch………omg this one is the shiz!!!
Then I was flipping through my pose stand, and I found the dancer poses from Juicy
So much fun and perfect to show different angles of an outfit!!



BOOTS-Shiny Things

CHOKER-Philotic Energy

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