So tonight is drows and elves night at KASH, the club Kenlee and I own. Seeing as I haven’t been able to get these awesome ears off my head since I bought them, I was very excited. Usualy I drow it, I even made a shape with the ears!! But these amazing ears inspired me to do something different. They are from Body Politik
You purchase the ears, then whatever earings you like, link em up and away you go. Well, I bought all the earings in all the combinations!!! The metal and jewels are colour change, so the choice is incredible. Then for my outfit. When Kenlee and I first met, she gave me some tattoos as a gift. They were, without doubt the best tattoos I had seen in game thus far. Tintable, on all layers, and the artwork was like woa!! I begged her to take me to the store. She did, and I was surprised that it wasn’t a tattoo store per sey. The store was Chaospire. I suppose you could call it a fantasy store, with wings, amazing costumes, detailed and intricate lingerie. I was in heaven! I knew I would find my outfit for the show there. And did I!!!
My words I don’t think can do it justice so I’ll paste the ad for the outfit!!!
“This fantasy sorceress outfit includes the dress top and bottom, a separate bra, bracelets and a long flexi prim skirt. It features intricate jeweled motifs, detailed decorative edge patterns and long flowing drapery. Inspired by Art Nouveau, the art of Mucha and magickal femme fatales of classical mythology. Modify and transfer permissions are included.”
Really it is stunning. I feel like a fairy princess, and I may even wear it hair shopping!!. The lush wings are from Material Squirrel, scripted and colour change.

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