The Fanciest Fairy Of Them All

I don’t care that wings are all over the feed atm!! This blog is not part of the feed (not for the lack of trying mind you) so bugger it!!!! Wings it is. With a story too. While looking into Wingfling, I decided to pay the Fancy Fairy mainstore a visit. The outfits I used for the wingfling post were from Fancy Fairy, and being unable to resist her Tendril wings at the fair, I wanted to see what more the mainstore had. Well once again, Violaine Villota outdid herself on the generosity scale. There was stunning free lingerie, wings and a skin. I love Violaine’s lingerie so I was hella excited! I sent her a card thanking her, because hell, we all like to hear thanks every now and again. Well, after getting back from RL work today, I was amazed to log in to find Violaine had sent me a gift. DUDE!! A gush is deserving in this case, this chick does amazing work, she is professional and generous to a fault. Plus she designs the same stuff RL that she does in SL………which means you are getting some serious expertise when you buy her clothes/wings/stuffs! If you love playing dress ups, check this site out Fancy Fairy website, you’ll be glad you did.

WINGS-Fancy Fairy

LINGERIE-Chic Boutique

WINGS-Fancy Fairy

LINGERIE-Giz’s Gizmo


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