Ken And Ash Flash The W

Hats and dress ups. Two of our loves! Having a club means we get to play dress ups all week, and I will find any excuse to wear a fedora. I love a bit of a “hark back”, forties and fifties clothes…glamour all the way. Following the theme of Kenlee’s post yesterday, this is my take on Dick Tracy. When I told Ken what I wanted to do, her first response was “omg you’re not gonna wear a yellow trench coat………….are you?” hehehe oh yee of little faith! Whenever we have a goth night at our club, I wear this made of awesome leather coat from Liberte. I have had it in my head for ages to wear it differently, to do it more justice. The rest just flowed.

Ash Wears:


SHIRT-Kyoot Army

PANTS-Silent Sparrow


Kenlee wears:

Dress-DE Designs

Shoes-LC Vamp (now Jaywalk)

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