Pinup Dolled

Oy… I’m not as prolific as Ash, obviously, considering she’s posted, like, 20 of these things, and I’ve done just the one. However, I do have a new outfit for you!

The other day, my delicious SL hubby and I were flouncing around Armidi when we went into this one area, and suddenly, he just stopped and said: “Baby, you have to get that.”

I, of course, was all: “Dude, which one?” And he said: “The ones that looks like a throwback to the pinup era. You have to get that.”

Pinup is right! Hence my pose. XD

This pinup girl-esque outfit makes my normally proportionate legs look a mile long, and how hot is that? But what really gets me is the details, like the sculpty prim sleeeves and collar or just the overall awesome texturing.

Dude… Ruffles. It’s an Armidi kind of day.

Skin – Ashia Designs, custom
Hair – Armidi, Abigail in Honey
Necklace – Muse,
Elle Orchid Necklace in Ivory
Shirt & Shorts
Armidi Gisaci, Dans la Ville in Black with White
Shoes – Maitreya, Chichi pumps in Black

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