Take Me Hya (higher)

This morning I was in Silent Sparrow looking for a skirt, a big poofy skirt! Kenlee introduced me to the amazing clothes there on Halloween last year. I wanted to go as a dead bride, a bloody corpse!! She said she had found the perfect outfit for me. Of course she was right! And so began my love afair with Hyasynth Tiramisu’s amazing designs. So while I was shopping there was a group message saying that the votes for the MFA Awards. Of course group IM went crazy wishing her luck. The first time I met Hyasynth was on one of her hunts. I arrived too late for the first round, so I figured I’d hang around the lucky chair to see if my letter came up. I could see Hya on my Mysti, but didn’t think anything of it. The chair had ages till it changed so I started sorting my inv. Then, the letter changed to a question mark!! I looked around, there seemed to be no-one else there and Hya had poofed. She had changed the letter for me!! Bless her heart. I thanked her via IM, then proceeded to drop 1000’s on awesome clothes! I put together a couple of my favorites for you guys and to say good luck Hya, I think you may win!The illusionistBlood Corset With Sweeny Pants
Sweeny Pants, Bird On A Wire Waist Cincher, Last Call Shirt
White Wedding?Blood Corset, Sweeny Pants


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