I Ish Aussie!!

So yesterday I finally, after 14 years and a shitload of money got my permanent residency in Australia. For me, so many chapters closed with one phonecall. Of course much celebrating ensued, I had my online celebration last night, my rl one will be at the weekend when all of my friends and family can be wrangled into one house at the same time!!! This morning I feel a wee bit fragile. I am a cheap drunk lol! So I thought what better to do today than casual, comfy clothes? This first one is similar to something I would wear in rl. It’s the lovely textures that make this for me, and the wearable colour combos. The top is from Last Call, the cords from Celestial. Matches perfectly with my fave cuff from Kurotsubaki, I know, any excuse to wear it!! The next is a wardrobe staple. Beautifully cut jeans and a gorgeous sweater. Jeans are hard, but once you find that perfect pair……..ooh it’s heaven! The details on this sweater are again what make it for me, the buttons on the back are a super cute touch. Jeans from T.A.R.T , sweater from Mojo. Lastly, something I would wear to have lunch with the girls. A touch more glam, but still comfortable! Also by this point sl has broken my hair……..pft. It’s enough to make me emo. Shirt from T.A.R.T, jeans from Rahz

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