The Fanciest Fairy Of Them All

I don’t care that wings are all over the feed atm!! This blog is not part of the feed (not for the lack of trying mind you) so bugger it!!!! Wings it is. With a story too. While looking into Wingfling, I decided to pay the Fancy Fairy mainstore a visit. The outfits I used for the wingfling post were from Fancy Fairy, and being unable to resist her Tendril wings at the fair, I wanted to see what more the mainstore had. Well once again, Violaine Villota outdid herself on the generosity scale. There was stunning free lingerie, wings and a skin. I love Violaine’s lingerie so I was hella excited! I sent her a card thanking her, because hell, we all like to hear thanks every now and again. Well, after getting back from RL work today, I was amazed to log in to find Violaine had sent me a gift. DUDE!! A gush is deserving in this case, this chick does amazing work, she is professional and generous to a fault. Plus she designs the same stuff RL that she does in SL………which means you are getting some serious expertise when you buy her clothes/wings/stuffs! If you love playing dress ups, check this site out Fancy Fairy website, you’ll be glad you did.

WINGS-Fancy Fairy

LINGERIE-Chic Boutique

WINGS-Fancy Fairy

LINGERIE-Giz’s Gizmo



So tonight is drows and elves night at KASH, the club Kenlee and I own. Seeing as I haven’t been able to get these awesome ears off my head since I bought them, I was very excited. Usualy I drow it, I even made a shape with the ears!! But these amazing ears inspired me to do something different. They are from Body Politik
You purchase the ears, then whatever earings you like, link em up and away you go. Well, I bought all the earings in all the combinations!!! The metal and jewels are colour change, so the choice is incredible. Then for my outfit. When Kenlee and I first met, she gave me some tattoos as a gift. They were, without doubt the best tattoos I had seen in game thus far. Tintable, on all layers, and the artwork was like woa!! I begged her to take me to the store. She did, and I was surprised that it wasn’t a tattoo store per sey. The store was Chaospire. I suppose you could call it a fantasy store, with wings, amazing costumes, detailed and intricate lingerie. I was in heaven! I knew I would find my outfit for the show there. And did I!!!
My words I don’t think can do it justice so I’ll paste the ad for the outfit!!!
“This fantasy sorceress outfit includes the dress top and bottom, a separate bra, bracelets and a long flexi prim skirt. It features intricate jeweled motifs, detailed decorative edge patterns and long flowing drapery. Inspired by Art Nouveau, the art of Mucha and magickal femme fatales of classical mythology. Modify and transfer permissions are included.”
Really it is stunning. I feel like a fairy princess, and I may even wear it hair shopping!!. The lush wings are from Material Squirrel, scripted and colour change.


Grey and red are two of my favorite colour combos. I prefer grey over black most days as it’s smart without being morbid, and can be dressed up with a splash of red! I was in search of a freebie at T.A.R.T, which I found……..I also found this stunning dress. Well I say dress, I’m thinking maybe it was supposed to be a top as there was a lack of glitch pants!!! I made my own, takes 2 seconds and seeing as no-one should be camming up my dress, the shade difference is minimal. More legwarmer boots, a group gift from Kiki’s Closet and one of my favorite hairs from Agrace and we are done! The hair only comes in one colour, I retextured it to make it blonde, for those that refuse to give up their blonde locks!!



CUFFS-Kiki’s Closet (group gift)



Today I’m feeling rather beige………..but that doesn’t have to be boring!! I paired this stunning top from Mischief with Tan cords from Celestial, some lush pumps and the most amazing choker and cuff. In rl I almost never wear pumps, but they really suit this outfit!!


PANTS-Celestial Studios


Hold me Closer Tony Danza………………

So I went to Archange last night. I’m afraid to say nothing really grabbed me. Maybe I was tired, I’m not sure, but I kept waiting for an outfit to jump out and yell “BUY ME………BUY ME NOW” it just never happened. I purchased one outfit, mainly for the diff layer combos of the jacket and shirt. I tried the pants on today, they just don’t work with my av. I look forward to seeing more stuffs from Archange in the future, something more “Ash”!! Anyhoo, I paired the lovely shirt and vest with my absolute all time favorite pants, which also happen to be free!! Can’t be bad! Also, another cuff watch………omg this one is the shiz!!!
Then I was flipping through my pose stand, and I found the dancer poses from Juicy
So much fun and perfect to show different angles of an outfit!!



BOOTS-Shiny Things

CHOKER-Philotic Energy

Little Goth Girl Lost

Once upon a time, there was a goth girl called Ash, who met a living barbie called Ken (oh the irony)!! The rest is history, and a whirl of shopping! I haven’t dressed like this in ages, I forgot how much fun it can be!! I started with my fave choker from Kikis Closet, it really is a spectacular piece. You must zoom to see the detail! Then I dug through my inv to find long forgotten treasure, credits below.

SHIRT-Applemay Designs


CHOKER-Kikis Closet


Red Stick Hunt

I haven’t been through half the stuff from the fabulous Red Stick Hunt, however, as soon as I saw the henna tattoos from Tuli, I knew this would be a nakie post!! Thankyou to all the designers who participated. There’s still only a few folks who found my stick number 2…….my hiding skills must be better than I thought!


KANJI TATTOOS-AE Fashions Red Stick



PANTS-Studio Sidhe Red Stick

SHIRT-Applemay Designs (not part of the hunt)
Forgive the lack of slurls, I needs sleepies!

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