The Jewel In The Nile

Theres the one side of spring that’s all fluffy and pastel, but for me there’s the other side. Rich jewel like colours, spun gold or silver thread catching the sunlight and lush lips with barely there makeup. So it was those thoughts that inspired me today.Look One
TATTOO-CanimalLook Two
NECKLACE-AI (no slurl for this one, I think the shop has now closed)
Look Three
PANTS-Silent Sparrow
TATTOO-InflictLook Four
DRESS-MG Fashion
TATTOO-InflictLook Five
(comes with many different combinations, including dress, shorts, pants and capris. Capris shown here.)

My Top Five Dresses (So Far)!

I’m not normally a dress wearing kinda girl, but I do love dress ups! Also with the amazing shoes that have hit the grid recently, dress wearing is becoming easier for me. So I thought it would be fun to show you my favorites thus far.This was my first ever dress purchase, and I feel like such a princess when I wear it. The textures are of course out of this world and the rich colours are just sinful! Now, I feel like I’m wearing a part of SL history. This next dress is an awesome example of something you could wear to the shops (well I would anyways!) The legwarmers add an slightly edgy feel, any excuse for me to wear legwarmers, I love love love them. This is my most perfect beach dress. I own one very similar in real life, and it’s yummy to just throw it on over my bikini and hit the beach, not Bondi, the surf is a bit too rough for my daughter, although terribly good for posing 0.O
My next stunner is an ode to Posh Spice! Love her or hate her, the chick has (mostly) oodles of style!
And last but by no means least, going back to my goth girl roots. This concoction is from Goth1co. I lived here when I first landed in SL. All the frills and froth mmmmm!
So there you have it. What are your top 5 dresses? Why do they hold a special place in your prim heart?

Dress-Last call

Legwarmers-7 Even

Dress-Slow Kitchen

Dress 4
Dress-Paper Couture
Necklace-Kiki’s Closet

Dress 5

Ashia Is A Dancer

I’ll admit it. I’m a frustrated ballerina! I used to dance in rl, till my teachers told me I was too big to go on pointe………bastards!! I was a plump child, lost it all during puberty…..if only they had waited!!!! So any chance to don a tutu and Ash is a happy camper! Here I am warming up for my big performance….See the spotlight on me? Yup that’s where it should be!! Out of my way bitches!! Spotlight is mineminemine! Ah time for this prima ballerina to rest…….flowers can be sent to my dressing room xx


Say Hai To My Boi!

So I spent most of the weekend making a boi av. Let me tell you, expensive doesn’t even cover it! The price of boi skins is nothing short of ridiculous, and finding clothes………pft! Don’t get me started on the hair either. No wonder guys have such a hard time on the grid, and end up walking round wearing jeans, no shirt and resembling a steroid addicted muscle mary. I managed a couple of looks, my fave being the Silent Sparrow/Random Fashions mashup! Dutch Touch also featured, I had an old gift box in my inv, which happened to have some boi clothes in it! Then there were the free gifts from MECHANISM, and almost free jeans from Elephant Outfitters. I’m liking this av!! It makes a refreshing change for me……..get ready to see more of him!!


This is a quicky. I love love love this hair. It’s big, it’s outrageous, it’s Feral, from House Of Heart Designs. Not something I would usualy choose, but the photo ops are out of this world! Get ready to be bored to death by a million and two posts from me featuring this hair ;)




NECKLACE-Shiny Things

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