Say Hai To My Boi!

So I spent most of the weekend making a boi av. Let me tell you, expensive doesn’t even cover it! The price of boi skins is nothing short of ridiculous, and finding clothes………pft! Don’t get me started on the hair either. No wonder guys have such a hard time on the grid, and end up walking round wearing jeans, no shirt and resembling a steroid addicted muscle mary. I managed a couple of looks, my fave being the Silent Sparrow/Random Fashions mashup! Dutch Touch also featured, I had an old gift box in my inv, which happened to have some boi clothes in it! Then there were the free gifts from MECHANISM, and almost free jeans from Elephant Outfitters. I’m liking this av!! It makes a refreshing change for me……..get ready to see more of him!!

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