New Silent Sparrow Gift

Oh happy day when there’s a notice from Hya, be it a new release or, like today, a scrummy new group gift! The place was packed, plenty of opportunity to muck up and have waaaaay too much fun!

Silent Sparrow Group Gift

Silent Sparrow Group Gift

Nope, it doesn’t matter how old you are in Phil’s Place, boxes still attach to you, and nine times out of ten, I’m there to capture it all on film XD!

Silent Sparrow Group Gift

Silent Sparrow Group Gift, Danielle, Ash And Terry

We finally got it together to take some proper pics!! Thank you so much Terry, Danielle, Eden and Sentrosi for your patience, and of course to the lovely Hya for your never ending generosity. Terry did send me a pic of her and Sentrosi, but for some reason I couldn’t save it to my HD, stupid computer!

Silent Sparrow Group Gift
Sylvan Suit In Rose

Shoe Whatsit

Well the lag was out of this world!!! But I did manage to spend spend spend!! I thought I’d show my favorite buys so far.

shoe expo_001

These boots are to me the most interesting find of the expo. They are perfection plus and the fact that I can leave footprints appeals to me like woa!! They have a nifty resize script, so fitting them is a breeze. You’ll find these at the Lazy Places booth at the expo.

shoe expo_004

While you’re there, pick up these babies too!! You can choose which footprints you’d like to leave behind, and the claws are retractable!

shoe expo_003

Sticking to the stomper theme, I picked up these Russ boots from the Curious Kitties booth. Love em!

shoe expo_007

And finally, these babies from Unique Needs. The Vengence Mary Janes are a spin off from Anne’s Dolly Goth shoes. I love them because of the lack of invisi prims, so no weirdass pictures, or clashing alphas and such. And at only 150L, are my bargain of the Expo!
Ash out <33

Shoe Expo

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