The Black Canary

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written in my own blog! But I have missed it, so I felt it was time to fire it up again. I’m not sure what will be here, reviews, LOTD’s or mebe mindless drivel, who knows. What I do know is, I have some ossumness to kick it off with :P There is nothing I love more than logging in to “Morrigan Denimore has offered you inventory” It always means something spectacular and made with love from the amazing Black Canary.


“The Iris” is of course no exception. From the lace detailing on the skirt, to the beautiful texturing on the bodice, Morrigan has outdone himself again.


The outfit is complete with boots (not shown), male and female attachment versions, and the adorable headpiece. The hair I chose is from the amazing House Of Munster.


To compliment such an amazing outfit, it takes an amazing skin, and this one from Little Bird does the job perfectly. It was a previous lucky chair prize, but may be available to buy. I love the skins from this store, delicate and oh so pretty. Normally I would end with some witty aside, not tonight alas as mini Ash is again trying to give the cat a bath, oy. Ash Out.

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  1. OMG YAY :D more ashia. i love your posts and am happy to see you doing your own bloggy again. i added you to my sidebar under “ashia’s blog”.

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