Un Jour

So last night kenlee and I were pulling our land apart and I got an Im from Newdoll, saying “What are you doing, have you been to Un Jour, oh and hai!” Off I go, wait to rez and OMFG.

Wait till the gorgeousness rezes. The sim itself is just lush, like something from the pages of your favorite fairytale book. It rains outside, so you’ll receive an umbrella on landing. The inside of the store is where I found my treasures.

Shown above is the “Marionnette” dress, and “Flower Wreath” Turn off your ao to be posed like the prettiest doll in SL! All the parts have glow, which I had to turn off as I’m having major rendering issues at the moment.

The “Un Jour De Rose” set called for some fauny frolicking!! The head wreath comes separately, but it’s a must have to complete this look.

There are so many beautiful things to find, from photo huds, to the cutest furniture. There’s also a lucky board, if you like that kind of thing, but be warned, waiting for that causes you to buy everything in the store :P Ash out.

Embryo Un Jour

Faun Bits
Titania’s Court

House Of Munster


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