Deepst NV

Finding new stores really gives me a jolt. Now granted, they may only be new to me but I still get soo excited! Such was the case when I was doing the Harajukubox hunt. I was looking for a particular store and was having no luck, till I bumped into the owner of the sim. He gave me a lm to the market place, where I still didn’t find the store I was looking for. I did however find something that made me go squee!

It started with the “Neko” outfit, which I fell in love with for the choice of three tops. After buying everything in the tiny space at harajukubox, it was time to head to the main store.

The “Survivor” outfit grabbed me, held me upside down and demanded my lindens. I gave in willingly, then bought it in the two colours it’s available in, Khaki and black :P You again get 3 choices of tops, and the skirt is so fecking amazing I logged Q in and bought it for her too.

The “Nomada” in black is beyond sexy. The detailing on the pants is something I haven’t seen before, and again I squealed with joy. With all the outfits shown, you get the arm thingers too…….hawt. After I had emptied my pockets in the main store, I went for a wander and came across Issis Bade’s gallery. You NEED to go check it out, also, while you’re at it, look up her Flickr too, made of 100% win. Ash Out.

House Of Munster

All poses I use on a regular basis, although they may not make it into posts, are listed in the sidebar, for any other slurls you may need, please check the slurl page.

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