Last night kenlee and I were talking about paper dolls. You know the kind you had when you were little? You pop the dolly out of the card then dress her in the paper clothes that came with her. I decided I wanted to do a post and try to make myself look like a paper dolly, well the pics at least! By coincidence I had a very happy IM from my friend Erzebeth Breslauer,quite possibly the cutest thing on the grid! When she told me she had opened her store, I knew it would be the best side of adorable!! How right I was. Avantmelon is finally here!!

The textures are bright, fun and totally hand drawn. More and more I find myself gravitating to hand drawn clothes, my ongoing love affair with Silent Sparrow is a prime example. Erzebeth has made some beautiful pieces and the prices are insanely good value.

Aren’t the “Lollipop” dresses gorgeous? Bright summery shades, and the prim parts fit like a dream. With some, you also get the option of sculpt or flex skirt, how cool is that?

The “Adorable” dresses have richer jewel based colours, with tones that contrast beautifully. For me, it’s the sweet little touches that make these clothes just gorgeous, from the lace hemming to the pattern on the jackets, one can tell that everything was made with love and care. I can’t wait to see more from Avantmelon, it is most definitely one to watch. Ash Out.

Other Stuff
Pic 1
Pic 2
Domstic V
Pic 3
Shoes worn throughout

For any other slurls you may need check the slurls page, all poses used on a regular basis even if they don’t make it into every post are listed in the sidebar.

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