The first “proper” skin I bought in sl was a Nomine skin. I remember looking at those full red lips on the vendor and falling completely in love. I also remember spending a lot of time cammed on myself after finally buying it :P So when I heard there was a sale at Nomine, and all clothes are 100L, it was tp, buy lindens, buy the whole store!!

I’m showing 2 very different looks today. The first being the amazing Trenchcoat in Aztec paired with brown leather pants and yummy specs from the “Steampunkt” collection. I bought all of the coats, cos I couldn’t decide which one I loved most. Aztec may have won my little pixel heart though :P

Here is the most amazing “Mina” dress in red. You get the choice of bustle or more fitted skirt, and some very sexy matching lingerie, perfect for peeling off layer by layer ;) The detail on this dress is outstanding, I especially love the way the bustled skirt drapes, makes me want to run my hands over the material. The sale ends Monday, midnight slt, go spend some L’s!! Ash Out.


2 thoughts on “Mine!

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  1. OMG You IM me about random stuff and don’t IM me about a Nomine Sale , grumbles and mumbles and remembers to say, you look sooo hot, loves you


  2. Dude, my first ‘real’ skin was a Nomine. It was one with tattoos on, it, too… think it’s still somewhere in the inventory. Munch would probably prefer it stay lost in there. :P

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