Homage Part 1

So it’s blogger appreciation week. That is an awesome thing, I think of the untold hours we spend finding the right poses, shots, lighting ,then the processing. There are many unsung heroes in the blogging world I will be paying homage to this week. But I thought I would start slightly left, it is me after all, what did you lot expect?!
Anya sent a note to the FS blogging group today that she is gonna post on the freebies from Oyakin, stay tuned for that piece of kawaii!


It was a store I hadn’t heard of before, so in between work breaks I made a point of checking it out. Beautiful, whimsical clothes, gorgeously grungy textures, perfect. I have taken a slightly different tack with my pics tonight, as an homage to the very dear Cerise Dirval, a stunning artist and amazing support on Flickr. Her pictures are always so delicate, so light in touch, even when her subject matter is heavy.

Homage 2

So I tried my very best to re-create her style, as an homage to the incredible encouragement she has shown me and many others on Flickr. The clothes from Oyakin were just what I had in mind. So, in my own indelicate way, thank you Anya and thank you Cerise.


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