Homage Part 2

Here we are at part 2 of my tributes to not only bloggers, but friends and people who inspire me. Today it’s Ms Terry’s turn. Terry and I used to run into each more often than not at Silent Sparrow. I have incredibly fond memories of making her wear a box, in public, and being the die hard good sport she is, she even let me take pics (hint: a little bird tells me if you search the archives of the blog you may even find the box pic) Ahem. We spoke on and off, and it was very evident that not only did Terry posses a sparkling wit, but her words words words were amazing. How someone chooses to say something speaks volumes. I demanded she start blogging, cos I can be a demanding bitch like that :P

Homage 4-Terry

This is the Terry I first met, swathed in fabulous fabric from Hya, and trotting round on her super cute faun hoofies. This was long before my fascination with all things Lazy Places, and I always admired Terry’s 100% commitment to whichever look she chose to sport.

Homage 3-Terry

This look is the one most people would associate with the Terry of late. Bold, fearless and beautiful. The stunning Koi skin from Trap was never something I wanted to own, till I saw it on her. True story. She has an amazing array of “different” avatars, one day human, the next day mermaid. An accomplished model, writer, also studying psychology and all the while, still finding time to listen to me emo, make me laugh and put up with my endless picture taking. She’s held my hand in IM during many an event, and doesn’t mind that my favorite dance is Brotime :P Thank you Terry for your wonderful friendship, loyalty and support. Your words touch people, in more ways than you know. Ash out.

Pic 1
Silent Sparrow
Faun Parts
Queen Titania’s Court
Tuli @ The Deck
Pic 2
Material Squirrel

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