Homage Part 3

What can I say about the incredible woman I’m paying tribute to today? Lots actually so hold tight :p I first met Sasy when news of a blatant rip off artist swept the grid, looooong story, but after several exhausting hours talking to him in voice, the offending skins were taken down. We talked off and on after that, and I was stoked when she added me to her friends list. I was just discovering blogs and the fashion feeds, it was like a whole other other world!!

Homage 6-Sasy

This was the first post by anyone ever that made me rush off to buy stuff!! What I love most about Sasy’s look is her versatility, Newdoll and I were talking about it last night. We both agreed that it’s the finer details that make Sasy stand out. She does accessories to perfection, and all at once can be cute and innocent, while wearing latex and thigh high boots, talented lady :P But not only is Sasy talented fashion wise, she’s a marketing whiz, having an instinctive knack of knowing
what works and what doesn’t. Working tirelessly behind the scenes with designers and chairing charities, always available for advice and lending a friendly ear, we are indeed very lucky to have her.

Homage 5-Sasy

This post, oh this post. It started my love for battle kilts and boys clothes. I remember yelling so very loudly something along the lines of “GIMME THAT SKIRT NOW KTHNX” It remains my favorite skirt to date, it never gets old for me. Sasy is my dear dear friend, someone I can laugh with till I cry (that happens almost everyday), bad influence shopping partner and unbelievably went 3 years without a “hoo” She is the best cheerleader to have on your team, showing unwavering loyalty for her nearest and dearest. I love her, she makes my SL so much dammed fun, she thinks I’m crazy, but that’s ok, we’re all a wee bit loco. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Urban Dragon Designs
DE Designs
Sweet Leonard
Primitive Designs
Cats Of A Feather
Pic 2
Last Call
Collar and bracelet

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  1. Thank you Aahia, that was the best part of a terrible day. You flatter me bunches.


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