Homage Part 4

Yus!!! Tis Creamy’s turn to be roasted paid tribute to :P Next month marks a year since Creamy asked me to “show some of my finds” on Freestyle. I had absolutely no clue how much my SL would change, I also had no clue about blogging…..I muddled along with the help of the girls and I’m so glad I didn’t give up although sometimes I wanted to.

Homage 7-Creams

I thought I would celebrate the BEST DAY in Creamy’s Slife. The day she stole Loli away from me married Lolivia. They are indeed a match made in heaven, and eventually I will get over the pain ;) But now, there’s so much more than the blog in Creamy’s SL. She makes hair, poses, builds all sorts of weird and wonderful things….self taught. Like me, she gets obsessively creative and can vanish for days at a time, only to resurface with something amazing.

Homage 8-Creams

We have gestured ourselves into oblivion, crashed sims, argued about the pros and cons of prim pubes (10 points for guessing which side Creams was on :P), had pseudo SLorgies and had conversations such as: Creamy Cooljoke: Ooooh my strapon just got returned to my lost and found, that’s nice I was looking for that.
Ashia Tomsen dreads to ask where you were when you lost it, and how, when it straps on, it magically unstrapped:P And of course, the classic conversation that defined Creamy’s name for at least 6 months:
Laki Trescothick: from now one your name is ‘creamface cooltard’
Laki Trescothick: or ‘creamtard coolface’
Laki Trescothick: or ‘tardface creamfeatures’
Laki Trescothick: ‘tardjoke creamface’
Laki Trescothick: omg, so stupid yet so funny
Laki Trescothick: if i do say so myself, hehe

Creamy is funny, smart, generous, a bloody awesome friend to have and I adore her just a wee bit :) Ash Out.

Wedding Dress
Silent Sparrow
Crush Factory
Surf Co

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  1. Heehee, that does really seem to bring out the flavor of Creamy- high fashioned and beautiful, yet full of piss, vinegar and raunch. Gorgeous texture work, too. :)

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