Homage Part 5

Well now, it’s been an interesting weekend, to completely underplay the bollox that’s gone on. But shan’t be covering that here. Instead it’s part 5 of my homage series to my nearest and most fabulous inspirations, in honor of Blogger’s Appreciation week. This post is devoted to the most fabulous ex-wife of many a talented SLer. The light of several people’s ladyparts, and manparts, our Lolivia. Also voted the most laid back at the SCD prom (don’t tell, but that’s cos she’s horizontal :P)

kit_003 copy copy

Loli is one of the original Freestylers, who along with Creams and Cheri, built a blog to remember. Always fun, drunk or sober, although what came over us when we went on a quest for camels and masters in Gor, I have no idea :P Our travels have taken us to many unique places in SL, School Girls Gone bad, was a um fascinating? adventure! But all the while Loli has been an amazing friend, someone you can count on when you have PMS to get all RAGE FILLED with you, and when you need a shoulder to cry on, she doesn’t mind the emo stuff either. An amazing blogger, even though she hates words words words, with a gorgeous quirky style I adore. ILH, and even though she left me for Creamy, my heart will always remain troo. Ash Out.


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