Oh happy day when a new hair store opens in SL. Having decided long ago that we were certified hair hoowas, Sasy and I were needing a new fix. It came to us in the form of Zobovic. We sat, we waited, we spied on the setting up of the store at The Deck, we (gasp) sorted inventory and sulked.

Finally yesterday, she IM’d me to say “Hair’s up” and a few OMG’s later I was already in a demo.The textures are just insanely good. Remember how crazy everyone went over Tuli’s pic for the Black Swan? Well these textures look just as amazing. The first style is “Boh” and screamed Mod to me, so the perfect dress to accompany it, is of course the Mode II from CKS Designs. perfectly form fitting, and because of the 67857856785 layering options, you can wear it over pants or jeans. Yay for versatility!

This next hair from Zobovic is called “Krysta” the perfect summer updo. Perfectly complementing CKS Designs “Summer Safari” shorts, jacket and halter. All of the range come in a dazzling array of colours, both brights and neutrals.

An example of the neutrals here, the Summer Safari pants and halter. The shading on the pants is divine, again with a choice of layering, and either tight fit, or regular fit with prim bottoms. Now I’m gonna sip mocktails, draped over a yacht somewhere in sl :P Ash Out.

All Clothes
All Hair
Zobovic @ The Deck

Pic 1

Pic 2
Shoes & Ankle Thingers

Pic 3

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  1. Absolutely love that first dress… Watch your back, Agent Ash, I might just have to steal it and take over the world. >:D

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