I must be the most forgetful chick on the grid, I swear! I see stuff, go “oooh that’s soo cool”, vow to check it out (the store I mean) then promptly forget. Then when I remember, and get all excited, TP bestie, and she’s like, ” I brought you here last year dood” shame reigns :P

Indi Designs is one such store. I had seen pics on the feed, *knew* the clothes were so me, and kept getting sidetracked. So when I finally decided to ignore IM’s and just GO, a screaming match then ensued, “How could you have been shopping here and NOT TOLD ME? YOU SUCK” Again, shame reigns, cos bestie had indeed taken me to Indi Designs, on more than one occasion…….oy. This first outfit is “Morgan” and I just adore it. There are so many options, the mind will boggle. Everything comes on all layers, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Not only that, you can sex it up, or make it a more professional look, with the click of your mouse. GOTS TO LOVE THAT :P

This is “Hazel” and is my absolute favorite. 2 different kinds of stockings, pants, several top options, jackets, prim bits, or not. That’s right! If you’re in a sim that’s laggy, never fear. All your prim belts are drawn onto the clothes, your fashion WILL NOT WANT :P

Lord and who would have thought, amazing lingerie, from the same store? Not I said the fly! But here it is, gorgeously shaded, on every layer imaginable. You actually get 12 pieces in the one folder, so you can dream up all kinds of combinations. My favorite part is the “G” is not a piece of string that gets lost in the av mesh, total win! Ash Out.

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