mhm Post 6

Firstly I wanted to say, I’m totally stoked with the reception this series of posts has received. All the designers involved so far have been incredibly helpful and fascinating to talk to, and you readers have been amazingly encouraging, leaving tips and such, leading me to find new stores and in turn, fabulous new skins.

Seduction By Cupcakes

faces 1-Seduction By Cupcakes

I thought today though, I would show some skins from one of my all time favie skins makers, Cupcakes. I have followed both Rosemary and Mimi, from the time I started on FS. Back then of course, Rosemary was Rosemar, and Mimi was Cupcakes. They have done several collaboration skin lines, Celebrity, Lovespell, Magazine to name a few.

faces 2-Seduction By Cupcakes

With each release, I’ve loved the skins more and more. Then came Seduction. If one could marry a skin, Seduction would be the one for me. I have really never seen a face so damn pretty, and one that suited me right off the bat, no tweaking of shape, no time required to get used to the “new me”. I ate up the lighter tones, switching between Alabaster (the lightest) and Cameo (the 3rd lightest) When I was planning this series, I checked out so many of my “go to” skin makers, to have a look at their darker tones, to see if they could work. Controversial? Well no, I don’t think so. So much of the way avs look in SL is not only skin dependent, but shape dependent too. So, if you have the right shape, in effect, you can make a skin look any way you choose, within reason. I also think that if the skin maker has got the tones right, taking care with shading and highlights etc, and it looks good on you, then all good right?

faces 3-Seduction By Cupcakes

I’m showing here the Choco (2nd darkest) and Nutmeg (3rd darkest) tones. I think they are beautiful. The choice of makeups you get is incredible, there are 3 or 4 fatpacks available in each tone, containing 10 makeups each. In Choco, I’ve shown fatpack 1, and Nutmeg is fat pack 2.

faces 4-Seduction By Cupcakes

How gorgeous are the faces, I cam on myself to a ridiculous degree when wearing these skins :p I would say my favorite makeup, in any tone would have to be Retro, a classic red lip and beautifully lined eye. But really you can’t go wrong with any of the make ups in the Seduction line, they are all perfectly executed and class personified.

bodies-Seduction By Cupcakes

The bodies are lovely, my only gripe is I would like a slightly bigger bellybutton, but that’s minor in the scheme of things. My point is with this post, check out some of the bigger names, you may be surprised at what you find in the way of darker tones, and of course, demo is your friend :P Ash Out.

Seduction By Cupcakes

Cupcakes gift bag #5

Part 5-The Dark Side

A few nights ago, I was bouncing round the grid by myself (this new tomezone/difference sux hard) when I got a fashcon notice. I rarely take notice of them these days, but this one caught my eye as
A) it was a new skin release
B) It was a store I hadn’t heard of
C) the release was for darker skins and I already had post one under my belt for the series. So off I go to SD Skins. I tried on the demos, got all excited about the body and face, then I found a seam and went “dammit”. Not because of the seam you understand, because that, like any other flaw with a product one purchases in SL can be fixed. But dammit because I had to let SteinerDesigner Ur know, and the last time I found seams on a skin that shan’t be named, I was fed the biggest load of bullshit by the designer in question. The seam was supposed to be there? Yes and there are blue, left handed flying pigs in the world aren’t there 0.o. So much so, I have made a point never to spend money there again, and believe me, I spend.

SD Skins

So I fire off an IM, not really expecting any response TBH. But Steiner did respond, and the amazingly professional way he handled my IM, and the subsequent conversations we have had, has led to us becoming friends. Not only did he fix the seam issue, refill his vendors and demo vendors, he sent out the fixes to all customers who had purchased, past and present. Customer service is something SD Skins prides itself on, and when you purchase from them, you will always hear from Steiner, just to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Above and beyond.

faces-Aaliyah SD Skins

It was the faces that really grabbed me, the lips especially. The makeups are gorgeous, the eyes especially are my kind of smokey. The lipstick isn’t slapped on, although the colours aren’t muted, it’s a very fine balance Steiner got right.

faces-Aaliyah SD Skins

Another favorite feature of mine is the face not being overly light. What I mean by that is the highlights are sedate, natural, giving a very even, smooth feel. The nose also made me squee, cute as a button!

bodies-Aaliyah SD Skins

You get a choice of hair down there versions, so there will be something to please you all. The body is lovely, pert little butt, well toned tummy, and gorgy cleavage. Again, the highlights on the body are very natural and not overdone….scrummy. SD Skins are totally worth a look, it’s a store that excited me on a few levels, not least the professionalism of Steiner. Ash Out.

SD Skins-Aaliyah
Haven Designs DSN gift

Part 4 baby!

Today is an absolute treat for me, there is nothing I love more than going to a store that’s new to me and swooning. Thanks to a request from Meiling in comments, I sent myself off to Kiko Life. Osuntomi Melendez’s store had me oohing and ahing as soon as stuff rezzed.

artsy1 copy

faces-Kiko Life,cocoa
Cocoa Tone

Osuntomi only makes ethnic skins, and it’s something she does well. They’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Really creative, hand drawn skins, I can totally see why meiling is such a fan. The faces are soo cute, and the makeups are lighthearted and FUN! The range is huge, from classic to avantgarde it’s all here at Kiko Life. The tones are excellent, I’ve shown the 2 current darkest.

faces-Kiko Life,tea
Tea Tone

Guess what………there’s guys skins too, a great alternative to the stock standard everyone wears. So as I do, I got in Osuntomi’s IM box to find out about her, the store and her opinion on diversity in Sl. It’s clearly something she feels very strongly about, and she is certainly doing her bit to give SL residents more choices. I can tell you, she’s an amazing designer and an amazing woman, totally committed to what she’s doing.

bodies-Kiko Life

Check out the yummy bodies. Beautiful soft tummy, well defined collarbone (another important feature for me) and when hubby saw me in the studio, shooting the pics, he said my butt was pinchable :) I got a sneak peek of some upcomming releases, and I’m so excited to see where the store goes from here. IMHO, it’s a place to watch, and Osuntomi is someone to get to know. Go demo before I kick your butts :P Ash Out.

Kiko Life
Pic 1 & 2
Applonia & Mademoiselle2-Vanity
Pic 3 & 4
Christina-Adam N Eve
Part of the Maida Suite-Silent Sparrow

The Dark Side-Part 3

When I first landed on the mainland and started finding my feet, it became very clear there were a few big names in the skinning world. I stopped being shy about trying to get information, and asked every av I saw that looked halfway decent, just where they got their shit from! A good percentage said Adam N Eve.

A&E Artsy1 copy


I remember strolling round their amazing booth at Skin Fair last year, loving the whole concept, but having a big tanty that the skins didn’t suit my shape back then. I also demoed the hell out of the new skins when they came out this year, loving the new more photo real look, completely falling for the bodies, especially the bum :P


I had no idea Sachi did darker skins though, till I took a good look at her Hair Fair posters. Those were definitely not the skins I had tried. So I went back and found Sienna. Isn’t she absolutely to die for? Sienna is available in four tones, the one shown here being the darkest. The makeups are amazing, and Sydd, there’s a delicious glossy red lip, just for you :P This is exactly how makeup should be done. You can still have glitz and glitter, but how you do it is important, and Sachi pulls it off perfectly. You get a choice of hairbase or bald, as with the other skins I have shown so far, which now is almost as important to me as a choice of eyebrows. Sienna also comes bald down there, with hair on the panty layer if you choose to wear it (I feel Sasy’s influence :P) And, she has matching manicures and pedicures, just another little touch that makes her stand out in my mind.


Check out the body. Smokin! Everything feels and looks so smooth and silky, and I totally love the stomach, boobs and butt. If you haven’t been to Adam N Eve in a while, do go back and check out the newest skins, you won’t be sorry. Ash Out.

Sienna-Adam N Eve
Raine-Kin @ Hair Fair
Fancy Fairy Spring Lingerie
Adam N Eve Catwalk Collection-Polka Black

Part 2-The Dark Side

So I was chatting with Terry yesterday, telling her about the series I’m doing on darker skins, part one is here. She was like “you have to do Efe from PXL, it has the best hair base I’ve ever seen” I’d admired Terry wearing that skin during the Rezzable show, she looked spectacular.

artsy1 copy

copper lips-Efe PXL
Copper Lips

I’m a huge fan of hand drawn skins,in fact it’s only just recently that I’ve been adding photo real to my rotation and Efe is just stunning. The makeups are divided into sets denoted by lip colour, and each lip set contains 4 different shadows.

dark lips-Efe PXL
Dark Lips

What I love about the lips is the fact they’re not completely saturated with colour, but rather stained, which is how I prefer my makeup rl.

glossy lips-Efe PXL
Glossy Lips

Also, the shade of lip colour is very important in darker skins, all too often it can go terribly wrong and end up looking garish. That is not a concern with Efe at all, less is more here, giving the face an understated sexiness I just love.

nude lips-Efe PXL
Nude Lips

Follow those same rules for eyeshadow and we have a winner! My all time favie, cat eyeliner makes an appearance, and being a huge fan of a nude lip and smokey eye, I wasn’t disappointed.

pink lips-Efe PXL
Pink Lips

red lips-Efe PXL
Red Lips

I also love a classic red lip, again hart didn’t disappoint.

bodies-Efe PXL

The body is lovely, the skin being very natural looking and soft. If you’re into the sheen of Redgrave, then Efe won’t be for you. I found it very refreshing to not be shiny, but it’s a matter of personal taste. Do demo, for a really gorgeous hand drawn option, Efe is it. Ash Out.

artsy2 copy

Efe @ PXL
Taylor-Discord Designs
Sysy’s (old group gift)

The Dark Side-Part One

Following a few comments on previous posts, I noticed the skins I had chosen struck a chord with readers. Certainly when I started in Sl over 2 years ago, there was a distinct lack of choice when it came to darker skins. That has changed tenfold in the last year, much to my delight. Diversity can be expressed in so many ways here, be it choosing to be goth, neko, furry, or all the above mixed together. So this is the first part of a series showcasing darker skins available now, I’m stoked to say I have many brands to show.

Imani face

We start with the Glow range from Laqroki. I had a few of the portrait skins, purchased very early ’07. I loved them, but for me, the tones missed the mark, the lighter ones anyways. The release of Glow piqued my interest, and I poured over the bodies zoomed all the way in. I loved them. So much so I bought them for myself and Q. The faces were always Laq’s selling point and those first pale ones certainly didn’t disappoint.

kira makeups

I don’t know how I missed the release of Imani and Kira. Maybe the fact that I never seem to get group notices is part of the problem :P They are absolutely gorgeous, and seem to me more grown up than previous releases. The faces are so pretty, and the bodies are amazingly real, without being too real. The highlights are smooth, the shading is yummy, especially around the stomach. Toned but not too muscly.


A good butt is important to me, and Kira and Imani have that covered (or uncovered as the case may be :P) The Glow range is most definitely an option for those wanting photo real without feeling like you’re stepping into someone else’s face. Click on the photos to see them large and on black, on my flicker stream.



And a couple of artsy fartsy pics, cos I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by without a wee bit of PS play. Please gimme a yell in comments if there is a skin you wanna see, or if you’re a skinner with a darker line you would like showcased. Stop by Laqroki and demo away, I really think you’ll fall in love like I did. Ash Out.

Imani & Kira Laqroki Glow
Zobovic @ Hair Fair
Seldom Blue

Hair Fair Part 6

For this fair post, I wanted to showcase one designer. Black Maria has long been my go to store for alternative, in yer face attitude hair. Last year, I dragged my friends round the grid looking for a half hawk for about 4 hours, then ended up finding it at Black Maria, and was all “dammit wth didn’t I start here?!!”

bm1 copy

On preview day, I had combed the fair looking for the BM booth, only to discover it wasn’t set up yet. I braved the lag a couple of days ago, to go back and drop some money, and the first thing that rezzed in the booth was a sign saying 100% of the proceeds got to Locks Of Love. Then more signs rezzed, all saying the same thing. I was squeeing in the blogger’s group about it with Sileny, and anyone else who was listening, then went into buyer’s frenzy. The style shown above is called Mad, and I love it like woa.

bm2 copy

This one is called Alto, and is one of those deliciously deceptive styles, very sweet and innocent from the front, with the cute bangs and ponytail, then turn to the side and BAM!!!! Completely shaved sides………soo hawt. If you’re a hawk fan, the Black Maria booth is the one you need to make a point of stopping at, also if you wanna get in Opera Qunhua’s IM box for a bit of fangirling like I did, feel free :P Ash Out.

Black Maria @ Hair Fair
Shorts, Dress & Suspenders
Luck Inc
Bax Cohen
Pic 1-Yourskin Yourshape
Pic 2-Curio

Bandana Day

Every year in Aus, we have a little event called Bandana Day. I say we, even though I have moved, I’m still Aussie :P

Bandana Day notice

bandana sas
Sasy’s Bandana

The SL version of Bandana Day will be July 3rd, and it’s always been a massive part of the fundraising effort for Locks Of Love. Every year, kits get sent out, to designers, bloggers, anyone who wants to get involved. The Bandanas get customised and are sold for 50L at the fair, with all the proceeds going to Locks Of Love.

bandana damselfly
Damselfly’s Bandana

I’ve picked my 4 favies to show you. Going without hair for 24 hours doesn’t have to be a nerve racking experience. Take the opportunity to make a statement, fashion or otherwise.

bandana mia
Miasnow’s Bandana

You also get an exclusive accessory, designed for just this occasion. Looking good, knowing your money is going to a good cause, what more could you ask for?

bandana whims
Ms Whimsy Winx’s Bandana

Check out the incredible work that went into Ms Whimsy’s bandana. Remind me to beat her up later for being so talented :P Replace your hair and show you care on July 3rd. Ash Out.

Hair Fair 09.

HairFair Part 4

Moar moar moar. These last couple of days have been the biggest fix for a self confessed hair hoowa such as myself. Looking at hair, trying on hair, buying hair…..I even got happy filing said hair in my hair folder ahem.


As mentioned previously, so many stores I love in the 4 sims of Hair Fair, I can hardly contain myself. Vignette is one I discovered a couple of months ago when Rachel Boram sent me some hair, and I fangirled her like woa. Her fair offerings rock hard.

je republic

I’ve always known JE*Republic for being the makers of my awesome legwarmer boots, but it seems i was slack at my keeping up with stuff duties :P This cute hair is actually a fair gift, yay!


Love this hair, love the store Inorite, LOVE. Did I mention how much I love this hair? Awesome.

raspberry aristocrat
Raspberry Aristocrat

Raspberry Aristocrat was a new discovery for me, this hair being my favie. I can’t wait to see more.

groovy girl
Groovy Girl

Groovy Girl is another new one for me, and actually posed the biggest problem when it came to shooting….cos I loved all the hair so much, I couldn’t decide which bloody one to show :P


Tiara? Check. Gorgeous updo? Check. Get thee to Tekuteku to release your hidden (or not so hidden :P) princess.


Another gorgeous updo I absolutely couldn’t resist. This is one of the offerings from HOH, and is the perfect ice queen shade of platinum blonde *swoons*


And finally, another updo (I love em) this one being from MADesigns. This made me feel all sexy secretary, like it was just waiting to be ruffled. That’s it for now, tomoz it’s Bandana time. Ash Out.

HairFair Part 3

HAVE YOU BEEN YET??!! I’m about to deprim and go back to the booths that weren’t quite ready yesterday, and also grab the styles I wanted but had only demoed.


In the meantime, check out some of the yummies I did manage to grab. The “Radioactive Foam Falls” shown above was one of my first purchases. It really grabbed me, and goes fabulously with my cyber goggles from Kin.

adam and eve
Adam And Eve

This is Adam And Eve’s charity style……BUY IT :P

Clawtooth By Clawtooth

Oh Bubbles loves me, yes he does. And I, I love Bubbles for making me look so adorable, even when I’m dead. Grab this and other fabulous styles from Clawtooth By Clawtooth.

fashinably dead
Fashionably Dead

Sasy and the rest of us nearly peed our pants laughing when we tried on the demos from Fashionably Dead. You get posed in a booth, with a nice tache , I think my demo put me in a toilet, but don’t quote me on that :P


Bishwear make amazing curls, and the style shown above is no exception, it’s stunning.

Blood Royal

Blood Royal was a new to me store, but I so loved everything. The style shown above is called “Emo” and has a colour change band.They also have a wicked asymmetric bob I couldn’t wait to get in my hot little hands. Deprim, spend big and have fun. Ash Out.

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