Ash has A Gun

Fuck yea I do! Cept not where one might imagine a femme fatale such as myself would keep it.

Ann Otoole from Unique Needs is one of my favie designers. Her Maryjane Dolly shoes are my all time best shoe ever, if I had them in RL, I would have worn holes in them by now. Thank god pixel soles can withstand a beating :P

The beauties shown here are an about to be released pair from the Dolly Goth Chunky Spy Pumps series. There are several options available, 5 of which are shown below, sans processing. They are beautiful, the prim work is exceptional…..and so original. I chose an opening gift from ::Anik:: Anarchy to show them off, cos it’s just smexy. A cheeky fedora to complete my look, and I’m ready to bust balls, break hearts and save the world, all in the one half hour episode :P

Now alas I must get back to the less than glamorous task of packing up my entire life, we fly out on the 10th, I’m excited and nauseous all at the same time. Ash Out.

::Anik:: Anarchy
Unique Needs

5 thoughts on “Ash has A Gun

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  1. Very hawt, Ash. XD Although, I just can’t get out of my head how using a gun barrel for support can cause it to back fire on the shooter. :P Careful when you’re aiming those heels!

  2. Well thnx a lot Ash.. now you made me buy new shoozzz… And im not telling how many i already own, or how many boots.. But thnx to you, my invent has grown a lot. Cozz there where too many awsome shooz :) I’m so glad i can blame you :P

  3. *lols at Terry* Knowing my luck, that’s exactly what I’d do heheh.
    Cat-I’m more than happy to take the blame :P

  4. OMG Ash, these shoes are so effin rocking, O.O You look adorable too, btw, and dangerous- what a combination! xD <333Abra ps. I'm linking you back @ b.i.a. <3

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