A Step Back In Time

So it’s like half ten in London, my craptop is still on Sydney time though…….so I’m confuzzled :P The flight was shocking, Mini Ash turned into the Exorcist child, and now we’ve landed, my ankles have swollen to the size they were when I was pregnant.

So I took a step back in time, walking down the garden path of my old house, finding the differences not so different and everything quite familiar. The perfect outfit to express this for me, is the Ghost Ship encemble from The Black Canary.

A beautifully constructed piece of history, that has been lovingly re created by the most humble and talented Morrigan. The set comes with everything you would have found in a swimsuit at the time, including an adorable swimming cap. There is also a male swim suit, called Midnight Diver, which doesn’t contain any prim attachments. Now I’m off to catch up on the feeds,shopping and gossip :p Ash Out.

The Black Canary

4 thoughts on “A Step Back In Time

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  1. I know it was probably a hell of a time, but thinking of Mini Ash as Regan is kinda’ funny right now.

    1. They had to keep threatening her with the Captain, cos she was screaming so loudly. It was a nightmare.

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