A sneak peak of the new line from andBean (WP won’t let me use the symbol for some reason, so appologies)

Hurry up and release em dammit :P

andBean June Preview
Waka And Yuki

Acid And Mala

4 thoughts on “Preview

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  1. Lovely picture!

    And the & sign is “escaped” in much html, because it’s used for special code junk to denote “look at what follows me differently”. & amp ; (without the spaces) should work. (“begin special character information”ampersand”end special character information”- the same formula is for < and > (lt=less than, gt= greater than), ♥, etc.)

    Now here’s hoping I spelled all those right and this isn’t just a mess of a comment!

  2. Thanks girls!! I’ll totally try it Allegory, cos it nearly made me pull my hair out last night!!

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