Sometimes SL is a very small place or so it seems. Just last night I was AO shopping, and saw the most amazing hair on a girl in the store. I inspected her, pulled up the creator’s profile and promptly crashed :P

Fast forward to today and I was doing a shoot with the yummy Delicious Dollinger, and she was telling me about her friend who was in Hairfair, and was all stoked. Then she told me her name…… Tabata Jewell, yup, same as the creator I was gonna check out last night!!! Vanity Hair has some absolutely stunning styles. I was all kinds of fangirl squee trying all the demos.

There is something for everyone here, but if your taste borders on the slightly more adventurous, then Vanity is definitely for you.

Any of the hair that comes with bands or scarves are click to change texture, which I actually found worked better for me than a menu, especially on my craptop!

Bottom line, I loved the whole store, I nearly bought the whole store :P Try the demos, and grab a sneak peek of the hair Tabata’s put together for Hairfair, they look awesome. Ash Out.

Vanity Hair
Deviant Kitties

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  1. I had the good fortune to meet Tabata Jewell just after she opened her first shop. She was charming, cordial and extremely helpful. I am happy to see she is expanding and making new styles. It is worth a trip to check them out.

  2. In my gushings about Tabata I neglected to say how great your photos of her styles are. Really made me notice as I was scrolling through the feeds.

  3. Hai Lisa!!
    Yes Tabata is lovely, humble and terribly talented. A Deadly combo doncha think! And thank you so much for the lovely compliment on my pics, but really the hair was the inspiration, it kinda fell into place, which is rare but awesome <3

  4. yay and thats the girl i was talking about the other night, the one I said I recognised her name because i had piled her up, smaller and smaller is the world, you look Glamorous and Beautiful as usual , huggles


  5. OooooooooOoooooh… may i ask… what do you do to get that gorgeous glow and smooth skin on your faces??

  6. Hi I looked at the glance skins, but there are onlye 2 dark skins and none of em looks like yours. Are u sure they are glance?
    Pls lemme know, I want that same skin so bad lol


  7. ashia
    you mean the dark toned ones? i could have sworn the chanel was a more copper red tone.
    but i look again and hopefully thats the one. TY <3

    1. Yep it’s definitely Chanel, it could look darker because of the way I process my pics in Photoshop. Iman from Laqroki is also a good choice for a darker skin. I;m doing a post very soon on darker skins so hopefully I’ll find something you like <3

  8. ty so much ashia :)
    ive tried the chanel just now and yea they arent as dark as ur pics.
    i want my skin to be as dark as on yr pics lool
    the skin im wearin now is a nice dark midnight from mai skins and looks so so good <3

    1. have you tried the others from Glance? There’s one very dark skin downstairs and one upstairs, may be worth a demo. And ooh mai skins, I’ll have to check them out :)

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