Hairfair-Part One

Can’t breathe, sooooooooo much yumminess it has to be divided up for fear of overload.



Hair fair 09 opens in a few hours, and I can’t wait!!! Here are some of the goodies you can find there.

miau haus


Like last year, I was stoked to find new to me stores and loads of my faves. Alot of the booths weren’t set up when I zipped through, but I somehow managed to drop 10000L *ahem*

hair solutions


Sasy, Justice, Arabella and myself squealed like teenage girls, well Ara was quite restrained compared to me :P. Many booths also have dollarbies, with all the proceeds going to Locks of Love, and the majority of the regular priced hair donates 50% or more.



The build is cuter than cute, and if you follow the chocolate path, it takes you effortlessly round all 4 sims. Deprim, spend big and squee with pleasure :P Ash Out.

5 thoughts on “Hairfair-Part One

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  1. your hairfair post rocks my socks, ashia. i love it! great pictures, and you totally went where i didn’t go; i wasn’t ABOUT to photoshop out all the alpha textures; i simply posted in-world snaps =_=

    you win the internets !

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