HairFair Part 3

HAVE YOU BEEN YET??!! I’m about to deprim and go back to the booths that weren’t quite ready yesterday, and also grab the styles I wanted but had only demoed.


In the meantime, check out some of the yummies I did manage to grab. The “Radioactive Foam Falls” shown above was one of my first purchases. It really grabbed me, and goes fabulously with my cyber goggles from Kin.

adam and eve
Adam And Eve

This is Adam And Eve’s charity style……BUY IT :P

Clawtooth By Clawtooth

Oh Bubbles loves me, yes he does. And I, I love Bubbles for making me look so adorable, even when I’m dead. Grab this and other fabulous styles from Clawtooth By Clawtooth.

fashinably dead
Fashionably Dead

Sasy and the rest of us nearly peed our pants laughing when we tried on the demos from Fashionably Dead. You get posed in a booth, with a nice tache , I think my demo put me in a toilet, but don’t quote me on that :P


Bishwear make amazing curls, and the style shown above is no exception, it’s stunning.

Blood Royal

Blood Royal was a new to me store, but I so loved everything. The style shown above is called “Emo” and has a colour change band.They also have a wicked asymmetric bob I couldn’t wait to get in my hot little hands. Deprim, spend big and have fun. Ash Out.

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5 thoughts on “HairFair Part 3

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    1. Actually that’s my new line of skins, Idiosyncrasy. You can grab demos at my store in popfuzz <3

  1. yeah that top skin is good in those photos. what is that? I thought it was RQ maybe cause those eyebrows… but their sim is down, can’t check.

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