HairFair Part 4

Moar moar moar. These last couple of days have been the biggest fix for a self confessed hair hoowa such as myself. Looking at hair, trying on hair, buying hair…..I even got happy filing said hair in my hair folder ahem.


As mentioned previously, so many stores I love in the 4 sims of Hair Fair, I can hardly contain myself. Vignette is one I discovered a couple of months ago when Rachel Boram sent me some hair, and I fangirled her like woa. Her fair offerings rock hard.

je republic

I’ve always known JE*Republic for being the makers of my awesome legwarmer boots, but it seems i was slack at my keeping up with stuff duties :P This cute hair is actually a fair gift, yay!


Love this hair, love the store Inorite, LOVE. Did I mention how much I love this hair? Awesome.

raspberry aristocrat
Raspberry Aristocrat

Raspberry Aristocrat was a new discovery for me, this hair being my favie. I can’t wait to see more.

groovy girl
Groovy Girl

Groovy Girl is another new one for me, and actually posed the biggest problem when it came to shooting….cos I loved all the hair so much, I couldn’t decide which bloody one to show :P


Tiara? Check. Gorgeous updo? Check. Get thee to Tekuteku to release your hidden (or not so hidden :P) princess.


Another gorgeous updo I absolutely couldn’t resist. This is one of the offerings from HOH, and is the perfect ice queen shade of platinum blonde *swoons*


And finally, another updo (I love em) this one being from MADesigns. This made me feel all sexy secretary, like it was just waiting to be ruffled. That’s it for now, tomoz it’s Bandana time. Ash Out.

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