Bandana Day

Every year in Aus, we have a little event called Bandana Day. I say we, even though I have moved, I’m still Aussie :P

Bandana Day notice

bandana sas
Sasy’s Bandana

The SL version of Bandana Day will be July 3rd, and it’s always been a massive part of the fundraising effort for Locks Of Love. Every year, kits get sent out, to designers, bloggers, anyone who wants to get involved. The Bandanas get customised and are sold for 50L at the fair, with all the proceeds going to Locks Of Love.

bandana damselfly
Damselfly’s Bandana

I’ve picked my 4 favies to show you. Going without hair for 24 hours doesn’t have to be a nerve racking experience. Take the opportunity to make a statement, fashion or otherwise.

bandana mia
Miasnow’s Bandana

You also get an exclusive accessory, designed for just this occasion. Looking good, knowing your money is going to a good cause, what more could you ask for?

bandana whims
Ms Whimsy Winx’s Bandana

Check out the incredible work that went into Ms Whimsy’s bandana. Remind me to beat her up later for being so talented :P Replace your hair and show you care on July 3rd. Ash Out.

Hair Fair 09.

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