Hair Fair Part 6

For this fair post, I wanted to showcase one designer. Black Maria has long been my go to store for alternative, in yer face attitude hair. Last year, I dragged my friends round the grid looking for a half hawk for about 4 hours, then ended up finding it at Black Maria, and was all “dammit wth didn’t I start here?!!”

bm1 copy

On preview day, I had combed the fair looking for the BM booth, only to discover it wasn’t set up yet. I braved the lag a couple of days ago, to go back and drop some money, and the first thing that rezzed in the booth was a sign saying 100% of the proceeds got to Locks Of Love. Then more signs rezzed, all saying the same thing. I was squeeing in the blogger’s group about it with Sileny, and anyone else who was listening, then went into buyer’s frenzy. The style shown above is called Mad, and I love it like woa.

bm2 copy

This one is called Alto, and is one of those deliciously deceptive styles, very sweet and innocent from the front, with the cute bangs and ponytail, then turn to the side and BAM!!!! Completely shaved sides………soo hawt. If you’re a hawk fan, the Black Maria booth is the one you need to make a point of stopping at, also if you wanna get in Opera Qunhua’s IM box for a bit of fangirling like I did, feel free :P Ash Out.

Black Maria @ Hair Fair
Shorts, Dress & Suspenders
Luck Inc
Bax Cohen
Pic 1-Yourskin Yourshape
Pic 2-Curio

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  1. I was one of them me me me I remember that trip to black maria, and we love YOU like woah ♥


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