The Dark Side-Part One

Following a few comments on previous posts, I noticed the skins I had chosen struck a chord with readers. Certainly when I started in Sl over 2 years ago, there was a distinct lack of choice when it came to darker skins. That has changed tenfold in the last year, much to my delight. Diversity can be expressed in so many ways here, be it choosing to be goth, neko, furry, or all the above mixed together. So this is the first part of a series showcasing darker skins available now, I’m stoked to say I have many brands to show.

Imani face

We start with the Glow range from Laqroki. I had a few of the portrait skins, purchased very early ’07. I loved them, but for me, the tones missed the mark, the lighter ones anyways. The release of Glow piqued my interest, and I poured over the bodies zoomed all the way in. I loved them. So much so I bought them for myself and Q. The faces were always Laq’s selling point and those first pale ones certainly didn’t disappoint.

kira makeups

I don’t know how I missed the release of Imani and Kira. Maybe the fact that I never seem to get group notices is part of the problem :P They are absolutely gorgeous, and seem to me more grown up than previous releases. The faces are so pretty, and the bodies are amazingly real, without being too real. The highlights are smooth, the shading is yummy, especially around the stomach. Toned but not too muscly.


A good butt is important to me, and Kira and Imani have that covered (or uncovered as the case may be :P) The Glow range is most definitely an option for those wanting photo real without feeling like you’re stepping into someone else’s face. Click on the photos to see them large and on black, on my flicker stream.



And a couple of artsy fartsy pics, cos I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by without a wee bit of PS play. Please gimme a yell in comments if there is a skin you wanna see, or if you’re a skinner with a darker line you would like showcased. Stop by Laqroki and demo away, I really think you’ll fall in love like I did. Ash Out.

Imani & Kira Laqroki Glow
Zobovic @ Hair Fair
Seldom Blue

9 thoughts on “The Dark Side-Part One

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  1. this is interesting, being african american in RL as well as Sl this is something that means alot to me. so im interested to see what else you have coming, if theres any places ive missed. i really strive to show off darker skins on my blog so i’m glad other people are too

    im especially glad your talking about tone because i think alot of places do offer darker tones but they tend to be a greyish color or a muddy color which definitely makes me sad

  2. I hope you profile Kiko Life skins. I wear her skins pretty much constantly now, even though my av is Caucasian. Her work is awesome, the makeups are simply stunning!

    1. oh thank you so much for the tip, I’ll have to go check it out mei!
      Thank you so much Sasy <3
      Hai Sydd, I'm stoked you liked the post. I think I may have found a couple of places that you'll enjoy <3

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