Part 2-The Dark Side

So I was chatting with Terry yesterday, telling her about the series I’m doing on darker skins, part one is here. She was like “you have to do Efe from PXL, it has the best hair base I’ve ever seen” I’d admired Terry wearing that skin during the Rezzable show, she looked spectacular.

artsy1 copy

copper lips-Efe PXL
Copper Lips

I’m a huge fan of hand drawn skins,in fact it’s only just recently that I’ve been adding photo real to my rotation and Efe is just stunning. The makeups are divided into sets denoted by lip colour, and each lip set contains 4 different shadows.

dark lips-Efe PXL
Dark Lips

What I love about the lips is the fact they’re not completely saturated with colour, but rather stained, which is how I prefer my makeup rl.

glossy lips-Efe PXL
Glossy Lips

Also, the shade of lip colour is very important in darker skins, all too often it can go terribly wrong and end up looking garish. That is not a concern with Efe at all, less is more here, giving the face an understated sexiness I just love.

nude lips-Efe PXL
Nude Lips

Follow those same rules for eyeshadow and we have a winner! My all time favie, cat eyeliner makes an appearance, and being a huge fan of a nude lip and smokey eye, I wasn’t disappointed.

pink lips-Efe PXL
Pink Lips

red lips-Efe PXL
Red Lips

I also love a classic red lip, again hart didn’t disappoint.

bodies-Efe PXL

The body is lovely, the skin being very natural looking and soft. If you’re into the sheen of Redgrave, then Efe won’t be for you. I found it very refreshing to not be shiny, but it’s a matter of personal taste. Do demo, for a really gorgeous hand drawn option, Efe is it. Ash Out.

artsy2 copy

Efe @ PXL
Taylor-Discord Designs
Sysy’s (old group gift)

7 thoughts on “Part 2-The Dark Side

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  1. i think the Efe skins are really pretty, still havent committed to buying tho. i do wish the red lips were redder lol

    oh and have you seent he new Lion Skins CANA dark? its beautiful, i blogged it but i think it definitely belongs here too its become my new favorite. the tone & makeups are amazing

  2. Ooh wait till tomoz Sydd, I haz a treat for you, srsly!! And I’ll definitely stop by Lion skins, and Street. <3 Thank you so much for the support and tips :)
    *waves at Sasy* <3456
    Oh yay Naan!! I'm so glad you like them <3

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