The Dark Side-Part 3

When I first landed on the mainland and started finding my feet, it became very clear there were a few big names in the skinning world. I stopped being shy about trying to get information, and asked every av I saw that looked halfway decent, just where they got their shit from! A good percentage said Adam N Eve.

A&E Artsy1 copy


I remember strolling round their amazing booth at Skin Fair last year, loving the whole concept, but having a big tanty that the skins didn’t suit my shape back then. I also demoed the hell out of the new skins when they came out this year, loving the new more photo real look, completely falling for the bodies, especially the bum :P


I had no idea Sachi did darker skins though, till I took a good look at her Hair Fair posters. Those were definitely not the skins I had tried. So I went back and found Sienna. Isn’t she absolutely to die for? Sienna is available in four tones, the one shown here being the darkest. The makeups are amazing, and Sydd, there’s a delicious glossy red lip, just for you :P This is exactly how makeup should be done. You can still have glitz and glitter, but how you do it is important, and Sachi pulls it off perfectly. You get a choice of hairbase or bald, as with the other skins I have shown so far, which now is almost as important to me as a choice of eyebrows. Sienna also comes bald down there, with hair on the panty layer if you choose to wear it (I feel Sasy’s influence :P) And, she has matching manicures and pedicures, just another little touch that makes her stand out in my mind.


Check out the body. Smokin! Everything feels and looks so smooth and silky, and I totally love the stomach, boobs and butt. If you haven’t been to Adam N Eve in a while, do go back and check out the newest skins, you won’t be sorry. Ash Out.

Sienna-Adam N Eve
Raine-Kin @ Hair Fair
Fancy Fairy Spring Lingerie
Adam N Eve Catwalk Collection-Polka Black

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  1. Not only is this one of the most beautiful dark skins out there – and Sienna truly is that glorious, rich brown – but from just one experience, Sachi sold me on her stuff with her great personality. For skins or otherwise, Adam and Eve definitely deserves to be looked at and supported.

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