Part 4 baby!

Today is an absolute treat for me, there is nothing I love more than going to a store that’s new to me and swooning. Thanks to a request from Meiling in comments, I sent myself off to Kiko Life. Osuntomi Melendez’s store had me oohing and ahing as soon as stuff rezzed.

artsy1 copy

faces-Kiko Life,cocoa
Cocoa Tone

Osuntomi only makes ethnic skins, and it’s something she does well. They’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Really creative, hand drawn skins, I can totally see why meiling is such a fan. The faces are soo cute, and the makeups are lighthearted and FUN! The range is huge, from classic to avantgarde it’s all here at Kiko Life. The tones are excellent, I’ve shown the 2 current darkest.

faces-Kiko Life,tea
Tea Tone

Guess what………there’s guys skins too, a great alternative to the stock standard everyone wears. So as I do, I got in Osuntomi’s IM box to find out about her, the store and her opinion on diversity in Sl. It’s clearly something she feels very strongly about, and she is certainly doing her bit to give SL residents more choices. I can tell you, she’s an amazing designer and an amazing woman, totally committed to what she’s doing.

bodies-Kiko Life

Check out the yummy bodies. Beautiful soft tummy, well defined collarbone (another important feature for me) and when hubby saw me in the studio, shooting the pics, he said my butt was pinchable :) I got a sneak peek of some upcomming releases, and I’m so excited to see where the store goes from here. IMHO, it’s a place to watch, and Osuntomi is someone to get to know. Go demo before I kick your butts :P Ash Out.

Kiko Life
Pic 1 & 2
Applonia & Mademoiselle2-Vanity
Pic 3 & 4
Christina-Adam N Eve
Part of the Maida Suite-Silent Sparrow

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading through your dark side posts, Ash, and I am so glad you included Kiko Life in your reviews. The depth and variation in each of the six skin tones is the best dark skin I have managed to find on the grid.

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