Part 5-The Dark Side

A few nights ago, I was bouncing round the grid by myself (this new tomezone/difference sux hard) when I got a fashcon notice. I rarely take notice of them these days, but this one caught my eye as
A) it was a new skin release
B) It was a store I hadn’t heard of
C) the release was for darker skins and I already had post one under my belt for the series. So off I go to SD Skins. I tried on the demos, got all excited about the body and face, then I found a seam and went “dammit”. Not because of the seam you understand, because that, like any other flaw with a product one purchases in SL can be fixed. But dammit because I had to let SteinerDesigner Ur know, and the last time I found seams on a skin that shan’t be named, I was fed the biggest load of bullshit by the designer in question. The seam was supposed to be there? Yes and there are blue, left handed flying pigs in the world aren’t there 0.o. So much so, I have made a point never to spend money there again, and believe me, I spend.

SD Skins

So I fire off an IM, not really expecting any response TBH. But Steiner did respond, and the amazingly professional way he handled my IM, and the subsequent conversations we have had, has led to us becoming friends. Not only did he fix the seam issue, refill his vendors and demo vendors, he sent out the fixes to all customers who had purchased, past and present. Customer service is something SD Skins prides itself on, and when you purchase from them, you will always hear from Steiner, just to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Above and beyond.

faces-Aaliyah SD Skins

It was the faces that really grabbed me, the lips especially. The makeups are gorgeous, the eyes especially are my kind of smokey. The lipstick isn’t slapped on, although the colours aren’t muted, it’s a very fine balance Steiner got right.

faces-Aaliyah SD Skins

Another favorite feature of mine is the face not being overly light. What I mean by that is the highlights are sedate, natural, giving a very even, smooth feel. The nose also made me squee, cute as a button!

bodies-Aaliyah SD Skins

You get a choice of hair down there versions, so there will be something to please you all. The body is lovely, pert little butt, well toned tummy, and gorgy cleavage. Again, the highlights on the body are very natural and not overdone….scrummy. SD Skins are totally worth a look, it’s a store that excited me on a few levels, not least the professionalism of Steiner. Ash Out.

SD Skins-Aaliyah
Haven Designs DSN gift

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  1. Admittedly, receiving an IM from a creator about a purchase would initially creep me out. Then again, I’m an oddball- my direct experiences with creators is a mixed bag of nuts, and I lean on the defensive/paranoid side. That being said, it’s wonderful to hear someone take their business not only seriously, but positively.

    The skins shown here are also lovely. They don’t have those bleached-out forehead and cheeks combination that often occur with darker skins. Unless you’re playing a pre-revolution French aristocrat, the powdered look is oog-lee.

  2. ooh ello everyone!!!
    You all made me very happy when I woke up to these comments this morn, poor Noor, I can’t say I’m gonna help your L balance at all :P And Steiner will be stoked you all like his skins yay!

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