mhm Post 6

Firstly I wanted to say, I’m totally stoked with the reception this series of posts has received. All the designers involved so far have been incredibly helpful and fascinating to talk to, and you readers have been amazingly encouraging, leaving tips and such, leading me to find new stores and in turn, fabulous new skins.

Seduction By Cupcakes

faces 1-Seduction By Cupcakes

I thought today though, I would show some skins from one of my all time favie skins makers, Cupcakes. I have followed both Rosemary and Mimi, from the time I started on FS. Back then of course, Rosemary was Rosemar, and Mimi was Cupcakes. They have done several collaboration skin lines, Celebrity, Lovespell, Magazine to name a few.

faces 2-Seduction By Cupcakes

With each release, I’ve loved the skins more and more. Then came Seduction. If one could marry a skin, Seduction would be the one for me. I have really never seen a face so damn pretty, and one that suited me right off the bat, no tweaking of shape, no time required to get used to the “new me”. I ate up the lighter tones, switching between Alabaster (the lightest) and Cameo (the 3rd lightest) When I was planning this series, I checked out so many of my “go to” skin makers, to have a look at their darker tones, to see if they could work. Controversial? Well no, I don’t think so. So much of the way avs look in SL is not only skin dependent, but shape dependent too. So, if you have the right shape, in effect, you can make a skin look any way you choose, within reason. I also think that if the skin maker has got the tones right, taking care with shading and highlights etc, and it looks good on you, then all good right?

faces 3-Seduction By Cupcakes

I’m showing here the Choco (2nd darkest) and Nutmeg (3rd darkest) tones. I think they are beautiful. The choice of makeups you get is incredible, there are 3 or 4 fatpacks available in each tone, containing 10 makeups each. In Choco, I’ve shown fatpack 1, and Nutmeg is fat pack 2.

faces 4-Seduction By Cupcakes

How gorgeous are the faces, I cam on myself to a ridiculous degree when wearing these skins :p I would say my favorite makeup, in any tone would have to be Retro, a classic red lip and beautifully lined eye. But really you can’t go wrong with any of the make ups in the Seduction line, they are all perfectly executed and class personified.

bodies-Seduction By Cupcakes

The bodies are lovely, my only gripe is I would like a slightly bigger bellybutton, but that’s minor in the scheme of things. My point is with this post, check out some of the bigger names, you may be surprised at what you find in the way of darker tones, and of course, demo is your friend :P Ash Out.

Seduction By Cupcakes

Cupcakes gift bag #5

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  1. I am surprised you haven’t visited Street Dermatology yet for their skins! All the skins you have shown so far are great, but just need the MiaSnow Foxy and all the Street Dermatology lines!!

    1. I have been to Street, but while I liked the skins, I wanted this series to be original designs, not mods, which Street’s are. Theyre gorgy though, I may feature them at another time. <3

  2. cupcakes are some of the first dark toned skins i tried on, and the sheer generosity of mimi and rosemary makes it easy to transition to the true selection of thousands of skin tones now out there in stores on second life. i must say i am still incredibly impressed with the choco and sambuca body shadings, they do justice to the skins the same way the glow on typically lighter skins enhances their base. thanks for doing this series of posts, now my list of skins to check out will never end!!!

    1. I take no responsibility for what may or may not happen to anyone’s linden balance as a result of reading this series of posts :P I’m stoked you like em though Bec <3

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