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My Ugly Dorothy was a store I had never heard of, till Sileny and Anya started on our blog. It’s one of their favie stores,as Sopha McCallen makes lovely, distinctive skins. Her faces are so very sweet and quirky.

My Ugly Dorothy-Harajuku Box Skin Faire

So Skin Faire has rolled around and once again it is a delight of cultures and designers from all over the world. My favorite thing about SL is it’s diversity. In one day I could speak with a designer from Korea, Germany or London, and it would be nothing out of the ordinary. How often can one say that? How often does one see and experience such multiculturalism under one roof? The premise of skin faire is the designers that choose to take part must make an exclusive skin for the faire, hello………yum!! There are some absolute corkers this year, which I will be showing, but the “Nobody’s Home” skin from My Ugly Dorothy was definitely a stand out for me. Do check out the faire, they’ve now added some lucky boards with exclusive skins from Animus & Visual Haiku, which are stunning btw. Ash out.

My Ugly Dorothy @ Skin Faire-Nobody’s Home (T)


There’s a few blogs I’ve loved and lost in the past year, one of my saddest losses was “This Doll Has Handbook” But quite by chance, I followed a link on another blog and it took me to Welma’s new addy!

She did a brief post on a new store called Noju, that was so damn cute I had to go there myself. It’s a lovely small store, 3 yummy hairs and a few dress styles. The tanks are adorable too.

This was just after Newdoll had sent us all to Junwave, which seems to have had a revamp, loving the new decor, and of course the new hairs. It’s been a huge week of spending already, then came the Harajukubox Skinfair, which I have loads to show you from. I had to get Sasy to come and stop me spending, I swear I forgot I had logged out there. So when I logged in briefly to get messages, there I was, standing by Gala’s skins. Damn you limited edition lovelies :P More on that tomoz though. Do check out Noju, for some really lovely clothes. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Idiosyncrasy Devon Makeup 1
Pic 2
Diamond Fashion
Idiosyncrasy Devon Makeup 7

Vanity Newness

I’ll admit it. My hair obsession has gotten totally out of control since Hairfair. I’m a hopeless cause, as soon as a notice comes out, I’m one of the first chicks there, turning off my sounds cos the “ca-ching” annoys me :P


These releases from Vanity are too good to pass up, and I happily hand over my moola, especially for hair this much fun. The first style, aptly named Vanity is perfect for photos. You can however also wear it out and about, as the back is flexi, so you don’t look permanently windswept.

vanity_003 copy

Ladyboy is stunning. A really beautiful, feminine short style, with a colour change jewel holding your hair in place. Jussy logged in briefly to wish me happy bday from her comicon event, and was like “WANT” Ha! She’ll have to suffer till she gets home hehehe. Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy Riley-Birthday Girl Pale (unreleased)

Be Enchanted

I can’t help it…….I’m all a squee!! I got a group notice…and I got it on time…and it was a fucking corker!!! Yay me and double yay for Rosemary and Mimi of Cupcakes.


Cupcakes has new skins. The girls have listened very intently to what you the customer has been telling them, and they have implemented all those wants into one amazing new line.

Enchanted By Cupcakes 1

This is Enchanted. She features a completely new body, with particular care paid to the hands and butt. Everything is toned down and softer, body wise. Also the girls are rolling out new tones!! Cream, Apricot, Sienna (shown here), Sepia and Cioccolato.

Enchanted By Cupcakes 2

As usual, the makeups are to die for. If Seduction was your favie, as it was mine, then you will love Enchanted. The lips are so kissable, if I could smooch the screen I would. There are ten makeups per tone, and you also get a bare version in the fat pack, so you really get 22 skins, as there are also free freckled versions of each makeup. You also get 4 brow options, so you can wear any hair you choose, hows that for versatile?

Enchanted By Cupcakes bodies

See what I mean about the bodies…….CAM ON ME :P What are you doooing still reading this? Get thee to demoing! Ash Out.

Enchanted Sienna Tone-Cupcakes
Shirt & Tie
Britney-Last Call
Desk Pose
Mia Haussk


To say I’m having issues getting any kinds of notices would be a gross understatement. So when Jussy screamed about the new outfit from Miel, I was all like “huh?” Cue 3 hours and several crashes later, and finally the notice comes through to me. MUST……….HAVE.


Aren’t the shorts just made of win. The only thing I needed to adjust was the belt, the rest of the prims fitted like a dream, which is almost unheard of for me. They come in a gorgeous range of colours, as do the tube tops. It was a massive day of shopping, can you believe I didn’t have the Gertrude hair? I seriously thought I did, indeed I may have at one time, but when I went to look for it, twas gone. So of course I had to buy THE WHOLE STORE to make up for it :P Retail therapy, it’s a wonderous thing. Ash Out.

Outfit & Shoes
Miel (Mo Pocket Pants & Tube Top)
Devon pale base-Idiosyncrasy (about to be released)


I love Bebae skins, and with each release, Torie has been getting better and better. With the release of Delilah, I was all excited, and tried on the very generous group gift (the sim was full and I couldn’t get to the demos). Cue sad face cos no matter how I tweaked, Delilah just didn’t suit my shape.



Then last week, I was gossiping with Sasy in voice, when she squealed very loudly (yes I am now half deaf) saying Bebae had released new skins. I was very excited too, and we were about to go demo when Torrie dropped them on me. I have to say all apprehension dropped away when the first make up rezzed in.


Beautiful, soft makeups, lovely brow options, and I still looked like me. You have a brow choice, and lash option with each makeup, which I thought was an awesome touch, especially with all the events that require deprimming.


The faces have a decidedly summer feel to them, even the red lip from the classic makeup is very sedately done, more like gloss than lipstick, which is my choice for the beach.

Erin front

The bodies as always are just stunning, perfect for showing off your pixels. I love the stomach, and I totally felt surfer girl, bronzed and healthy in my Safari bikini from CKSD.

Erin back

Erin has an amazing back and butt, and I’m loving the light sheen of the skin, like I’m freshly moisturised :P Erin has 10 makeups in all, and you’ll find the fatpack massive value, so demo away. Ash Out.

Safari in red by CKSDo

On The Dark Side-Fin

It’s been awhile no! I’m finally getting round to the last post in my series on darker skins. As I mentioned previously, this has been so much fun not only to shoot, but in terms of meeting designers old and new, finding new to me stores and generally having a great time.

Uzuri Showcase

Closing out the series is another new to me store UZURI. Sasy actually put me in touch with the designer Bella Bombast, we had some great chats, and I squeed when I went to check out her store. Not only does she do very lovely dark skins, she also make ethnic clothes and jewelery, so potentially, you can get the bulk of your look at her store.

face-Awa by Uzuri

The faces on Bella’s skins are so sweet, nothing is overdone or out of proportion. The makeups shown here are elegant and fresh, with just a hint of glitter on the eye.

face-imani by Uzuri

The tones are absolutely gorgeous, I’ve shown but a few here.

face-foxy by Uzuri

Foxy, shown above I think is my fave. The makeups are just so pretty.

bodies-uzuri skins

And check out the yummy bodies, beautifully toned tummy and cute pert butt. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series as much as I have, and once again, a massive thank you to all the designers that have taken part. On another note, Plurk is the devil. That is all. Ash Out.

Skins, dress & jewelery
Pic 1
Niobe-Discord Designs
Pic 4-short hair
BR-Wild Bob
Long hair in the rest of the pics has vanished into the murky depths of my inv, if anyone knows who it’s by and what it’s called, feel free to holler in comments :P

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