On The Dark Side-Fin

It’s been awhile no! I’m finally getting round to the last post in my series on darker skins. As I mentioned previously, this has been so much fun not only to shoot, but in terms of meeting designers old and new, finding new to me stores and generally having a great time.

Uzuri Showcase

Closing out the series is another new to me store UZURI. Sasy actually put me in touch with the designer Bella Bombast, we had some great chats, and I squeed when I went to check out her store. Not only does she do very lovely dark skins, she also make ethnic clothes and jewelery, so potentially, you can get the bulk of your look at her store.

face-Awa by Uzuri

The faces on Bella’s skins are so sweet, nothing is overdone or out of proportion. The makeups shown here are elegant and fresh, with just a hint of glitter on the eye.

face-imani by Uzuri

The tones are absolutely gorgeous, I’ve shown but a few here.

face-foxy by Uzuri

Foxy, shown above I think is my fave. The makeups are just so pretty.

bodies-uzuri skins

And check out the yummy bodies, beautifully toned tummy and cute pert butt. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series as much as I have, and once again, a massive thank you to all the designers that have taken part. On another note, Plurk is the devil. That is all. Ash Out.

Skins, dress & jewelery
Pic 1
Niobe-Discord Designs
Pic 4-short hair
BR-Wild Bob
Long hair in the rest of the pics has vanished into the murky depths of my inv, if anyone knows who it’s by and what it’s called, feel free to holler in comments :P

9 thoughts on “On The Dark Side-Fin

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    1. really? Bella did say she was releasing an update so it may be restricted while she does her vendors..I’ll check it as soon as i get in world <3

  1. Hi Mei Li,

    Try Lila/32/31/23. It should drop you just outside the door of the main Uzuri store. I really like just about everything in the store, but I especially love Bella’s jewelry.

    Ash, thanks again for the whole dark side series. Well, I thank you, anyway, even if my SL purse does not! ;-)

    1. thanks, Annabella, that one worked. The SLURL on the blog was dropping me on Avarice Island instead of Lila. :-)

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