I love Bebae skins, and with each release, Torie has been getting better and better. With the release of Delilah, I was all excited, and tried on the very generous group gift (the sim was full and I couldn’t get to the demos). Cue sad face cos no matter how I tweaked, Delilah just didn’t suit my shape.



Then last week, I was gossiping with Sasy in voice, when she squealed very loudly (yes I am now half deaf) saying Bebae had released new skins. I was very excited too, and we were about to go demo when Torrie dropped them on me. I have to say all apprehension dropped away when the first make up rezzed in.


Beautiful, soft makeups, lovely brow options, and I still looked like me. You have a brow choice, and lash option with each makeup, which I thought was an awesome touch, especially with all the events that require deprimming.


The faces have a decidedly summer feel to them, even the red lip from the classic makeup is very sedately done, more like gloss than lipstick, which is my choice for the beach.

Erin front

The bodies as always are just stunning, perfect for showing off your pixels. I love the stomach, and I totally felt surfer girl, bronzed and healthy in my Safari bikini from CKSD.

Erin back

Erin has an amazing back and butt, and I’m loving the light sheen of the skin, like I’m freshly moisturised :P Erin has 10 makeups in all, and you’ll find the fatpack massive value, so demo away. Ash Out.

Safari in red by CKSDo

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  1. *blows you kisses*
    Aw thank you. I’m very flattered, sweetie!

    This was a very thorough, beautiful blog — Erin suits you so well!

    – Torie

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