To say I’m having issues getting any kinds of notices would be a gross understatement. So when Jussy screamed about the new outfit from Miel, I was all like “huh?” Cue 3 hours and several crashes later, and finally the notice comes through to me. MUST……….HAVE.


Aren’t the shorts just made of win. The only thing I needed to adjust was the belt, the rest of the prims fitted like a dream, which is almost unheard of for me. They come in a gorgeous range of colours, as do the tube tops. It was a massive day of shopping, can you believe I didn’t have the Gertrude hair? I seriously thought I did, indeed I may have at one time, but when I went to look for it, twas gone. So of course I had to buy THE WHOLE STORE to make up for it :P Retail therapy, it’s a wonderous thing. Ash Out.

Outfit & Shoes
Miel (Mo Pocket Pants & Tube Top)
Devon pale base-Idiosyncrasy (about to be released)

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