Be Enchanted

I can’t help it…….I’m all a squee!! I got a group notice…and I got it on time…and it was a fucking corker!!! Yay me and double yay for Rosemary and Mimi of Cupcakes.


Cupcakes has new skins. The girls have listened very intently to what you the customer has been telling them, and they have implemented all those wants into one amazing new line.

Enchanted By Cupcakes 1

This is Enchanted. She features a completely new body, with particular care paid to the hands and butt. Everything is toned down and softer, body wise. Also the girls are rolling out new tones!! Cream, Apricot, Sienna (shown here), Sepia and Cioccolato.

Enchanted By Cupcakes 2

As usual, the makeups are to die for. If Seduction was your favie, as it was mine, then you will love Enchanted. The lips are so kissable, if I could smooch the screen I would. There are ten makeups per tone, and you also get a bare version in the fat pack, so you really get 22 skins, as there are also free freckled versions of each makeup. You also get 4 brow options, so you can wear any hair you choose, hows that for versatile?

Enchanted By Cupcakes bodies

See what I mean about the bodies…….CAM ON ME :P What are you doooing still reading this? Get thee to demoing! Ash Out.

Enchanted Sienna Tone-Cupcakes
Shirt & Tie
Britney-Last Call
Desk Pose
Mia Haussk

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