Vanity Newness

I’ll admit it. My hair obsession has gotten totally out of control since Hairfair. I’m a hopeless cause, as soon as a notice comes out, I’m one of the first chicks there, turning off my sounds cos the “ca-ching” annoys me :P


These releases from Vanity are too good to pass up, and I happily hand over my moola, especially for hair this much fun. The first style, aptly named Vanity is perfect for photos. You can however also wear it out and about, as the back is flexi, so you don’t look permanently windswept.

vanity_003 copy

Ladyboy is stunning. A really beautiful, feminine short style, with a colour change jewel holding your hair in place. Jussy logged in briefly to wish me happy bday from her comicon event, and was like “WANT” Ha! She’ll have to suffer till she gets home hehehe. Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy Riley-Birthday Girl Pale (unreleased)

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  1. I love the skin myself. I hope you do make a version without the tears too, because that would be super beautiful as a normal skin too!

    1. theyre actually face jewels!! But yes I will be making normal versions, I just threw that together for my rl birthday so I could be all diva like!! Still working on the seams on the 2 darker tones, but hopefully it wont be too long.

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