Skin Faire

My Ugly Dorothy was a store I had never heard of, till Sileny and Anya started on our blog. It’s one of their favie stores,as Sopha McCallen makes lovely, distinctive skins. Her faces are so very sweet and quirky.

My Ugly Dorothy-Harajuku Box Skin Faire

So Skin Faire has rolled around and once again it is a delight of cultures and designers from all over the world. My favorite thing about SL is it’s diversity. In one day I could speak with a designer from Korea, Germany or London, and it would be nothing out of the ordinary. How often can one say that? How often does one see and experience such multiculturalism under one roof? The premise of skin faire is the designers that choose to take part must make an exclusive skin for the faire, hello………yum!! There are some absolute corkers this year, which I will be showing, but the “Nobody’s Home” skin from My Ugly Dorothy was definitely a stand out for me. Do check out the faire, they’ve now added some lucky boards with exclusive skins from Animus & Visual Haiku, which are stunning btw. Ash out.

My Ugly Dorothy @ Skin Faire-Nobody’s Home (T)

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