Lolita Love

It’s been awhile, but this morning, with 2 friends releasing yummies, it was more than enough to drag me out of my blogging humdrum.

My friend Moddish, owner of Modd.G has a whole bucket load of newness that I’m loving so hard. Shown above is my absolute fave outfit, “Jumper“. I’m so into browns and bronzes atm, odd I know, considering it’s supposed to be summer. Ah well. My oddness reigns :P My shoes. My friend Ms Kookie has been a busy bee, and looky! Are these not the most perfect Loli shoes ever. Impossibly high, ridiculously adorable, available is a massive range of colours.

There is an option to have the sock or a no sock version. There’s also a skin tone thinger included (yes a very technical term, ahem). I love this tulip dress, also from Modd.G, very grownup, but very cute also.

And something a tad more casual to finish. Jeans and a halter top from Modd.G. As with all her clothes, you will find every possible layer covered, which means you can mix and match to your hearts content. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to lie on my back, legs akimbo, drooling over my new shoes :P Ash Out.

Pic 1
Idiosyncrasy Riley Makeup 7 Freckles (unreleased)
Tabitha Jumper in Bronze
Iris Tube top in Brown-Modd.G
Yuki Sock Supreme Heel in Summer Gold-Kookie

Pic 2
Idiosyncrasy Riley Pale Makeup 4 Freckles (unreleased)
Kiss Me Tulip in Ink-Modd.G
Yuki Sock Supreme Heel in Rouge-Kookie

Pic 3
Idiosyncrasy Riley Pale base Freckles (unreleased)
Milyway Jeans in Grave Grey
May Halter in Black-Modd.G

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    1. yup, there will be freckle free versions. Everyone gets free frex cos theyre my fave!! Should be out in the next day or so

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