Paradise Is………

So I hadn’t seen Ms Scarborough for ages, what with me being a total PS hermit and her getting stuck in her skybox for 4 days. I jumped in her IM box yesterday, not realising she was stuck, thinking, you’re not that bloody busy and important missy :P

blog 1

Much squeeling ensued, before she asked if I’d got my group notices from Paradisis (I hadn’t). It was decided that we had to go, as they made the skirt that isn’t really enough material to be a skirt, but could quite happily pass for a belt :P

blog 3

This is one of the latest releases, Midnight Kiss. The name appealed as I’ve just finished reading the Twilight saga, and of course the outfit is insane value, with pieces on every conceivable layer.

blog 2

As soon as I put on my Wrapped boots from Avz, I felt all Rawr, and pulled out my Pretzel poses to pretend I was kicking some srs pixel butt. yea I know, I’m about as scary as that cute panda av from Pink Fuel :P Ash Out.

Midnight Kiss-Paradisis
Wrapped Boots-Avz
Fuzzy-Red Queen

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