Moar Badassery

After feeling so Kick yer butt yesterday, I found it carried over into my shopping. I was all about the tatts and piercings, and black baby, lots of fucking black.

After dropping heaps at Atomic (btw the new tatts are amazing) it was time for a store crawl, Sasy was in search of a teeny dress she had seen on the feed. That bought it was time to actually let GothiCatz rez and look round.

Several outfits grabbed me, but my first purchase was Echo. Hot black leather? Check. Full length coat? Check. Pants to match? Check. The collar alone was enough for me to right click-buy. All the prim pieces come with resizer scripts, which I totally needed for the skirt part of the coat, being not only short, but a totally different shape from the creator. However, it was all sorted in less than 2 mins and looking quite spiffy :P

I have several more outfits to show you from there, in later posts, I was so glad I revisited, although my Slwallet was groaning at me ;P Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy-Lucy Got Beatdown (not available for sale)
Mad-Black Maria

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